Tiger Woods seriously injured

Hit a fire hydrant and then a tree outside his home “early this morning”. I hate to say it, but early morning car accidents this time of year more often involve alcohol than turkey stuffing. I hope he’s okay – he’s the only reason thin non-golfer watches on TV.


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10 responses to “Tiger Woods seriously injured

  1. Anonymous

    Moron drives a GM; clearly can’t drive with or without alcohol

    • christopherfountain

      it’s probably a car he’s paid to drive – at least, I don’t believe the man eats, wears or uses anything he’s not paid to use. Don’t know about his wife, but maybe the Swedish Tourist Board subsidizes her?

  2. Anonymous

    Not sure what’s point of money if forced to drive a GM POS

    And Sweden makes plenty of new copies of the wife every yr….rentals are far cheaper for misers like this idiot

  3. Anonymous

    BTW, did you notice that he lives in a dumpy, 20 yo, $2MM house in Orlando??? A place where best local grub is Applebees or PF Changs…and healthcare is even worse than that in Greenwich (what a standard)

    He must be really saving up for retirement…

  4. Cal

    You can be sure that if alcohol was involved, his huge PR machine, guided by Nike, will certainly make sure that everything is swept under the rug.

  5. xyzzy

    thats because his Jupiter Island home isn’t done yet.

    He purchased two homes, for $44.5 million and knocked them down to combine the two lots into one.

  6. Retired IB'er

    Let me get this straight, Tiger Woods is being dissed because he doesn’t believe in conspicuous consumption and he’s the one with the problem… interesting.

    Have I entered Seinfeld’s bizarro world or just snooty Greenwich world?

  7. Anonymous

    Categorically, no alcohol was involved.
    Police report it, that’s gospel. Leave it at that OK.?

    It’s not their fault that they didn’t have their breathalyzer on them, they were busy getting autographs, not breath samples, for goodness sake.

  8. Red

    So, if I read the article correctly, are they saying it was a golf club (used by wife) that possibly saved Tiger’s life? That’s deep.

  9. pulled up in OG

    The little lady was just practicin’ her seven iron at tooth hurty in the morning.