If you have nothing better to offer, offer lemonade

The New York Times, taking a break from its extensive reportage on the global warming email scandal, writes of real estate agents who bake dinner for their clients, scrub their floors and reseal their driveways, all in a desperate attempt to hold onto the listings over the years it doesn’t sell. I don’t do floors, but I see no reason why these people should either. Why not price the house right and sell it? D’uh.


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2 responses to “If you have nothing better to offer, offer lemonade

  1. Walt

    Weasel Boy –
    Stop over at around 7:00 A.M. Let the Filly’s out. Make sure you close the gate, so they don’t prowl. Those sluts.
    Cook me some bacon and eggs. Over easy, with rye toast. You don’t need to do laundry or mop. Cabana boy does that. After Church, what should we do tomorrow? How about Foxwoods? Call Stephanie. You load.
    Your Pal,

  2. I want a listing for more than six weeks about as much as I want a second penis.