What recession?

Not in this household (NYT photo)


Or here






On the other hand, if this is really where Santa does his shopping, it’s another good reason to move to Texas. If they only had snow and mountains ….

"Bobby needs new roller skates, Suszy needs a gun, please continue Dear Saint Nick I'll tell you when you're done" (WSJ photo)











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3 responses to “What recession?

  1. kidding really?

    None of these people are buying houses in Greenwich. The high end still is in trouble.

    As for these people to buy a bunch of stuff made in China marked 20-50% off paid for by credit cards that have late balances or shrinking credit lines doesn’t do any good. It would actually be better if overleveraged consumers took a year off.

    2010 might be the worst year of the recession since all the false hope that our leaders have given consumers “saving the economy from the brink” will hit home when they regret what they have done.

  2. kidding really?