YWCA ladies heading for jail

I didn't know it contained lead!

The group is planning a toy tag sale and intends to sell used, donated toys. That is forbidden by our federal watchdogs under the Consumer Safety Product Improvement Act, the same beneficent law that bans old children’s books and new motorbikes. For everything about CPSIA you had no idea about but really should know, try Overlawyered.com for a primer.

As for me, I think I’ll drop a dime on these folks with the Consumer Product Safety folks and watch the fur fly.

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  1. KC

    It still amazes me that this law could have been passed so easily with so little comment by people from across the political spectrum. To think that so many useful books, toys, articles of clothing and on and on have to be thrown out and to think that individuals and small companies who made toys or crafts may well have to shut down because they can’t afford the testing procedures just seems harmful and pointless. When I think of a swollen, directionless law which may have, once, sprung from good intentions but which is now so meandering and broad as to be a danger to freedom, I think of this.