Salvation Army kettles

They’re out there in force an strategically positioned outside of places like Starbucks and Walmart to collect your spare change. I know a lot of people helped by this group and so I usually make it a point to drop in some folding money. Besides, I did enjoy reading Shaw’s Major Barbara.


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4 responses to “Salvation Army kettles

  1. Anonymous

    Already pay many times my “fair” share of taxes (as does anyone among top 1% of taxpayers)
    And any taxpayer implicitly subsidizes every damn nonprofit

  2. Mazama

    The Salvation Army is, by and large, a great organization that deserves support from people so inclined to support such organizations. It’s one of the few (the only?) such national scale nonprofits that doesn’t pay its executives corporate-sized salaries and benefits. I’m sure they not perfect but to my knowledge there’s not been a hint of major scandal with the Salvation Army at either the local national levels.

    I hadn’t know before that the word Anonymous was derived from Scrooge. Although I had my suspicions.

    • christopherfountain

      I’m with you Mazama – unlike our government, contributions to charities are strictly voluntary. Give if you want to, keep your money for yourself if you wish. Taxes get diffused to thousands of activities I don’t wish to support and most are wasted anyway. Targeted giving makes me feel as though I’m doing some good, unlike my feeling on April 15th. To me, that feeling is worth something. For others, not so. Fine with me, either way. We’re all libertarians here!

  3. Anonymous

    Ich bin ein Libertarian!