Swiss vote to ban minarets

What would Mickey do?

Probably not enforceable, but as an expression of discomfort at seeing their tiny country taken over by muslims, it’s telling. A lot of Londoners would probably vote the same way.


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4 responses to “Swiss vote to ban minarets

  1. KC

    I’m not really sure that this is the right tactic and as CF points out, it might not be enforceable but it seems as though the Swiss are at least trying to do something to protect Western Civilization inside their borders and I find that pretty admirable. Unless other countries in Europe decide that sharia might not be a good thing, they may find themselves alone, anyway.

  2. Pinzgauer

    Why is everyone saying it’s not enforceable? This is Switzerland we are talking about. It is probably the most immediate Democracy on the planet. When the people vote it means something. There are no liberal judges overturning people’s votes.
    I say if they don’t want them they won’t have them.

  3. Anonymous

    a victory of common sense over political correctness.

  4. Stanwich

    Indeed a victory for democracy.