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Were you wondering where Scrooge lived?

"Darkness", by Ralph Lauren

According to Dealbreaker, it’s right here in Greenwich, Connecticut, home of the hedgefund, an Apple Store and a new Ralph Lauren emporium but sitting in the dark because no one will fork over the bucks necessary to string Christmas lights. Look, I understand – villa rentals on St. Barts have barely budged this year, and lift tickets at Vail? Forget it!


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So how’s that “new face of friendship” thing working out?

Just a day after Iran told the world to screw it and announced its intention to build 10 more nuclear processing plants, it has seized a British racing yacht and is holding its crew hostage. I suspect the second incident wouldn’t have happened had the Brits not let its commandos be grabbed back in 2007. Where’s Jimmy carter when we need him?

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What will those hedge funders think of next?

Over in the comment section of another post DebtVulture’s been amazing us with tales of his office that has genuwiyne flush toilets and, just to top that, lights that go on and off when you clap your hands. That’s pretty astonishing alright and I’ve sure never seen neither, but I seen something even better on my last trip to Cos Cob.

A Cos Cob Valentine gift


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NoPo goes south


17 Thornhill

There was a time, not so long ago, when Thornhill Road lots were a hot ticket – one little 1950’s cape, for instance, sold at its full asking price of $660,000 in two days, another, listed at $795, sold for $815,000. But that was then, this is now and 17 Thornhill obviously missed the market. It was listed a year-and-a-half ago for $845,000 and marked down successively until it reached $599,000 and today it’s gone to contract, probably somewhere close to its assessed price of $525,000. If it does sell there, then Thornhill, at least, is back to 1999 price levels.


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Muslims insulted by Swiss rejection? Too bad.

Peace and love to Christians and Jews!

They’ve got their head diapers in a knot over in the sandpile because of the Swiss vote against further building of minarets.

An  “insult to Muslims”, wails one Egyptian cleric,  while the Organization of the Islamic Conference, calls the vote a “recent example of growing anti-Islamic incitements in Europe by extremist, anti-immigrant, xenophobic, racist, scare-mongering ultra-right politicians who reign over common sense, wisdom and universal values.” Boo hoo.

The only Christian church I’m aware of in the land of the religion of peace and tolerance is a tiny one in Qatar, opened in 2008 and built without bells or, God forbid (so to speak) a cross. Saudi Arabia not only bars churches, it confiscates bibles and burns them when it finds them. Etcetera, etcetera. So until they show the same tolerance they demand from the west, I’ll tell them to pound sand.


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Two contracts, one reduction

10 West End

It’s probably true that the first asking price of $2.295 was too rich for this house on West End Avenue but, notwithstanding the CVS parking lot abutting it, I always liked the house itself. It has a nice sized backyard, some decent renovations inside and a very convenient location. Today it’s been marked down to $1.475, against an assessed value of $1.7 million, and it’s looking pretty good.

16 Stillman Lane, marked down $1.5 million to $4.475, has gone to contract (direct sale by owner without benefit of clergy – we agents hate when that happens), as has 25 (?) Old Wagon Road, new construction in Havemeyer. Old Wagon was asking $1.775 which seemed steep to me but either someone has driven a hard bargain or liked the house enough to pay full freight. Which it is will be revealed when it sells.

Otherwise, a dull day in real estate and, I predict, another dull week coming up. I may head back north for another shot at Bambi.


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Are you ready for a party?

Hey, where's my hairdresser got hisself off to?

All the greens are getting set for the great global warming conference coming up in Copenhagen. Al Gore’s 110′ houseboat may finally leave its lake and find some of that biodiesel that’s not sold at its home berth, Sir Paul McCrtney will once again fly over his hybrid Lexus for the occasion on its own private jet and Im sure Barbra Streisand has already started shutting down the power to her massive Malibu mansion, a process that takes weeks. And Kofi Anin is going too but with a carbon neutral footprint: he’s burning all those disappeared climate records to fuel his helicopter. Such fun!

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I’m not sure I believe this

Tiger Woods:  “I was on my way to a Black Friday Madness sale.”

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Nothing to see here, move along, move along

United Nations: “no possibility” climate data faked.” This notwithstanding the admission that the computer records of  historical temperature data have been erased so that no one can ever again check the accuracy of the data global warming “experts” base their claims on.  And why would the UN back off,  when there are hundreds of billions of dollars in transfer payments being demanded by the UN’s clientel. As the Oil for Food program demonstrated, when money is flowing, the UN boys know how to dip their beak. In fact, they just dive right in.

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Is this why Patriot Bank is still around?

WSJ: buyers lose their appetite for failed banks. Very much like some bank owned properties in Greenwich, the banks themselves are so bad that no one wants them at any price.

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No pictures?

For some reason, the blog service is screwing up picture positioning this morning. Still works with Apple’s Safari so I’ll try using a non-Windows browser and see what happens. Otherwise, you’ll just have to use your imagination.

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U speaka da English?

Bloomberg reports that fat cats intend to expand their investments in real estate.

The U.S. looks particularly attractive to foreigners, poll reveals. I should think so – the dollar’s down to toilet paper and we haven’t started the expropriation program, yet.

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