What will those hedge funders think of next?

Over in the comment section of another post DebtVulture’s been amazing us with tales of his office that has genuwiyne flush toilets and, just to top that, lights that go on and off when you clap your hands. That’s pretty astonishing alright and I’ve sure never seen neither, but I seen something even better on my last trip to Cos Cob.

A Cos Cob Valentine gift


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3 responses to “Gollyeee!

  1. DebtVulture

    Good thing I wasn’t drinking that scrumptialiscious coffee….it would have been all over my monitor reading this!

  2. Greenwich Gal

    So, CF, I guess you better be careful on your next date and watch out for the exploding brassieres of Cos Cob ladies – you could lose an eye!

  3. Cos Cobber

    Just hold the applause, it should be easy enough.