So how’s that “new face of friendship” thing working out?

Just a day after Iran told the world to screw it and announced its intention to build 10 more nuclear processing plants, it has seized a British racing yacht and is holding its crew hostage. I suspect the second incident wouldn’t have happened had the Brits not let its commandos be grabbed back in 2007. Where’s Jimmy carter when we need him?

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  1. Anonymous

    If the hostages had not been taken by Iran as a result of the soldiers being properly guarded by the warship that thet were from, they would never have had an opportunity for all those photoshoots. You must remember that the ‘soldiers’ got a pretty penny from the British newspaper interviews on their ‘release’. They would still have to work if they hadn’t become reality stars. I can bet ya that those magazine spreads would still be most welcome now. I bet those concerned are wishing they could be back there now on the racing ship counting the days before the ‘tea party’ hosted by that Armidinajadi chappy. The soldiers even got opportunity to dress up for the occasion and one got to wear a hijab. The foreign secretary for the UK showed her muscle during the negotiations to free those particular chosen ones. She said that, if you let our people go, we won’t kill all your first borns, we will give a nice recommendation for your kind hospitality. They don’t call me Margaret Thatcher…..