Were you wondering where Scrooge lived?

"Darkness", by Ralph Lauren

According to Dealbreaker, it’s right here in Greenwich, Connecticut, home of the hedgefund, an Apple Store and a new Ralph Lauren emporium but sitting in the dark because no one will fork over the bucks necessary to string Christmas lights. Look, I understand – villa rentals on St. Barts have barely budged this year, and lift tickets at Vail? Forget it!


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10 responses to “Were you wondering where Scrooge lived?

  1. xyzzy

    Haha, someone still thinks there are shops open on Greenwich Avenue. Suckers..

  2. Stanwich

    I say lean on the new flashy corporate citizens we have on Greenwich Ave and their rich landlords.

    In all honesty, do we need lights that cost $45,000 to put up and bring down each year? What about some festive icles string lights from tree to tree — CVS could even donate the lights. The lights only serve to get people to shop more in the downtown anyways.

    Thinking about all the hardship and despair in the world and I just think this kind of money would be better off donated to starving people, people in dire need of vaccines, [fill in your favorite cause], etc. If you want to get all holy and righteous about it, I think Jesus would have preferred we skip decorating the temple and give the money away the needy.

  3. Greenwich Gal

    I agree, Stanwich, but I do like the lights. They are so pretty and festive. Sometimes beauty is just as important as the practical things in life; it lifts the soul. Even something as silly as trees wrapped in Christmas lights. But yes, I would hate to think some elderly lady went without her medicine for lights.

  4. InfoDiva

    Funny how all the trades here in town are hurting for work–the electrician who used to schedule five weeks out now says he can be over in an hour– so who is this lighting contractor says it’s $45K or nothing?

  5. Anonymous

    I blame Mary Ann Morrison and her damned cheddar cheese soup for this debacle.

  6. KC

    Stanwich- there’s much to what you say but we all walk life’s dusty paths and sometimes I think there’s alot to what Greenwich Gal says about lifting the soul. Just keep it in reason . . .

  7. Anonymous

    ROI thresholds clearly don’t work for tax dollars or nonprofits or landlords….big deal….write a check if it really matters

    Doesn’t Paul Jones still do that “free” light show at his house?

  8. Anonymous

    for info diva… i’m guessing that a big part of the cost of putting up the lights will be the cost of time-and-a-half for an off-duty greenwich cop to ‘direct traffic’ [aka talk on his cell phone], mandated by the town for any project that a cop nearing retirement might want to use to plump-up his pension.

  9. dogwalker

    From what the dog and I observed . . . it was done at night with little fanfare. The crew was not in town vehicles, whatever that might indicate.

    I like the lights, too, but believe we could get similar effect cutting out some.