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I’m not sure I believe this

Tiger Woods:  “I was on my way to a Black Friday Madness sale.”

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Nothing to see here, move along, move along

United Nations: “no possibility” climate data faked.” This notwithstanding the admission that the computer records of  historical temperature data have been erased so that no one can ever again check the accuracy of the data global warming “experts” base their claims on.  And why would the UN back off,  when there are hundreds of billions of dollars in transfer payments being demanded by the UN’s clientel. As the Oil for Food program demonstrated, when money is flowing, the UN boys know how to dip their beak. In fact, they just dive right in.

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Is this why Patriot Bank is still around?

WSJ: buyers lose their appetite for failed banks. Very much like some bank owned properties in Greenwich, the banks themselves are so bad that no one wants them at any price.

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No pictures?

For some reason, the blog service is screwing up picture positioning this morning. Still works with Apple’s Safari so I’ll try using a non-Windows browser and see what happens. Otherwise, you’ll just have to use your imagination.

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U speaka da English?

Bloomberg reports that fat cats intend to expand their investments in real estate.

The U.S. looks particularly attractive to foreigners, poll reveals. I should think so – the dollar’s down to toilet paper and we haven’t started the expropriation program, yet.

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Welfare and the United States


All dressed up for food stamp day



But a stigma placed on cash-like welfare (which food stamps are) remains a positive sign of a healthy work ethic. If you came across two societies–Society A, in which food stamps were stigmatized, with families reluctant to go on the dole even if they were eligible, and Society B, in which they weren’t, you would want to bet on (and live in) Society A. It’s one thing to relax the stigma on welfare in times of epic economic decline. It’s another if the stigma doesn’t return with the possibility of employment.

I read the Times article this morning and was struck by the fact that, if we really have 25% of all children in this country on food stamps, there’s something wrong with the people deciding to have children, and a system that encourages them to be so irresponsible is both cruel and doomed.


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Swiss vote to ban minarets

What would Mickey do?

Probably not enforceable, but as an expression of discomfort at seeing their tiny country taken over by muslims, it’s telling. A lot of Londoners would probably vote the same way.


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