Senator Max Baucus sees nothing wrong

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Sure he appointed his girlfriend (the Senator is still married) as the U.S. Attorney for the great state of Montana, but she was “the most qualified person for the job”. You might expect this little bit of corruption to cause grief to the man but he’s heading up ObamaKare so he’s untouchable. In fact, the chances of his being censured by his peers are about as likely as Charles Rangel paying his taxes.


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2 responses to “Senator Max Baucus sees nothing wrong

  1. Anonymous

    Gotta love those states with more cows than super-sized people
    Would bet nominee is a post-menopausal, obese mistress…

  2. Retired IB'er

    I’ve yet to see a positive correlation between size of state (population or land mass) and the smarts/integrity of its elected officials.

    Scumbag pols come in all shapes, sizes, genders and political affiliations and are to be found in all corners of this fine country.