More movement?

Perhaps – my memory has let me down on #9 “The Avenue” up Bedford way, reported as under contract (asking $1.095) today. There’s at least one foreclosure pending on that street and if this is it, then we’re witnessing death throes, not market life. But there are at least two houses for sale on that street so maybe not.

Similarly, 98 Hillcrest Road is reported under contract today but I thought it had enjoyed that status since early November. Did the first deal fall through? Is it just being reported again for jollies? Who knows? Anyway, it’s no longer available.

And, while not actively listed, 1 Ford Lane Tomac Lane went back to the lender December 5th – next step, a few months from now, will be an auction. We’d been working on this but couldn’t get the parties together before time ran out, unfortunately.

30 Crescent Lane, taken over by its lender in August, is still not available for sale – the former owner is holding on and has tied things up in court, claiming a tenant’s status. I don’t blame the man at all – when you have nowhere to go, you don’t voluntarily shove off into the night because some bank asks you to. But eventually, he’ll lose – times are not good out there.


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5 responses to “More movement?

  1. Retired IB'er

    “– the former owner is holding on and has tied things up in court, claiming a tenant’s status”

    Interesting… has the money to piss down a lawyer rat hole, but couldn’t make his mortgage.

    My sense of priorities/integrity would have me using the money to MOVE rather enrich my lawyer in a futile quest. But that’s just me…

  2. Chris, do you have any scoop on the abandoned Patriot financed property on North St. across from Saint Michaels, corner of Copper Beach?

  3. 1 Ford Lane

    Hey Chris – I live at 1 Ford Lane. When I left the house this morning, I still owned it and was, as always, current with my bank. Perhaps you can imagine my surprise when I read your post…. Did you make a typo? I would appreciate your fixing the actual post (and not just posting the comment). Or am I missing something?

    • christopherfountain

      Good heavens – that should have been Tomac Lane – Rich Harris’s place – I’ll go fix it, and sorry.