Orvis warehouse sale starts this Saturday

Come for Hooper's autograph!

I wrote last spring about this Orvis deal, held up in the old Comp -US store in Norwalk on Route One and now they’re doing it again. Pretty good deals, like fly rods for 1/2 price and tons of ridiculously over-priced Orvis clothing marked down to 19 bucks. I can’t guarantee you’ll see the Madoff boys or the Hoops there, but given their change in financial circumstances, where else would they shop?

Best part: the original price tags are still attached so you can give someone a $325 sweater and only you will know that you paid less than $20. Unless they try to return it of course, but by that time, the sale will be over and the store closed.


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3 responses to “Orvis warehouse sale starts this Saturday

  1. Old School Grump

    Orvis carries a line of boots (not their own brand) called Le Chameau. If you see some in your size for less than their normal, never-ever-go-on-sale price of $429, grab them!

  2. Greenwich Gal

    Where is the Orvis warehouse sale?

    • christopherfountain

      Between Exits 13 and 14 on I-95, GG. Get off at 13 and head east (right) maybe 1/2 mile? There’s a huge Shop Rite complex on the left and the old Comp-US store is located in that complex, to the east (right of) Shop Rite).
      I think it’s right after Sports Authority, which has its own parking lot so don’t turn there, and right across the street from another big grocery store, which I think is a Stop & Shop (sort of like the set up we have in Stamford).
      Sale starts Saturday at 10, according to the mailer I got and continues thereafter, probably until Christmas. I went last spring a week after it started and found some excellent bargains but I wonder what I might have missed that first week.