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POLL: 44% OF AMERICANS WOULD LIKE BUSH BACK AS PRESIDENT. “You miss him now that he’s gone, huh, America? You kicked him when you had him, and now…” Heh. Have you noticed that most presidents look better once they’re gone?


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9 responses to “From Instapundit

  1. Fake Walt

    Must be a Fox News poll…Seriously dude, you are losing your readers with your political rants…you should stick with real estate.

    Off to Rio

    Kind Regards,

    Fake Walt

  2. boredatwork

    As Cheney said (sort of), who gives a sh*t what the electorate thinks, except at election time?

  3. pulled up in OG

    Cool. When do we bomb Iran?

  4. Anonymous

    i don’t think a lot of people [maybe 6 people at most] missed jimmy carter after he left office.

  5. Wally

    I was glad to see Bush go, but I would have him back in a heartbeat over the fake and fraud who now occupies the White House.

  6. HG

    Bill Clinton was the best Republican president we’ve had since Reagan. A true fiscal conservative would take welfare reform over the medicare prescription drug benefit any day.

  7. Arouet

    Amen on Clinton HG, but Reagan was not a “true fiscal conservative” in any sense of the word.

  8. Greenwich Gal

    Bring back the big dawg! (Clinton)