Golf clubs, raw steaks, now grits – women are getting downright nasty!

Woman dumps boiling grits on boyfriend. James Taranto suggests it might be the work of a cereal killer.

UPDATE: It’s got to be cellphone waves or something. 98-year-old woman strangles her 100-year-old roommate.


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5 responses to “Golf clubs, raw steaks, now grits – women are getting downright nasty!

  1. KC

    I have been to St. Charles Parish and, if I remember correctly, to or through Boutte (pronounced Boo-Tee, really). There did seem boiling tensions just below the surface and I was nervous about spending too long among the rusted cars and residents enjoying their 16 ounce tall boys but I can’t imagine any rational person wasting a perfectly good pot of grits to punish another. Maybe the voodoo priestess convinced her to do it.

  2. Red

    It’s a good thing that being Swedish, Elin Woods has probably never learned to cook grits. (Or polenta, as we call it here in upscale Greenwich.)

  3. Retired IB'er

    Your story reminded me of many, many years ago as an Associate on a business trip with a Managing Director. We were in the South and I decided to try some grits for breakfast. Upon arrival at the table, I managed to spill them on the Managing Director!
    I wasn’t booked for assault and I went onto prosper at the firm and was good friends with the MD.

    Hadn’t thought of that story for a long time…

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    I have lived my life with the 5 Filly’s and Monica. Trust me, then can be feisty. And turn on a dime. You never know what is going to piss them off.
    One time, at the RHC Holiday Party, I had a few to many. I admit it. Hey (HAY!!!) I think it’s this weekend.
    Anyway, as I was saying, I was feeling no pain, and dancing up a storm. I found a real hottie, and started to moonwalk. I do that really well. And Monica dragged me out by my ear!!! When we got home, she came after me with a knife, made me put on diapers… Oh never mind. You get the point. You load.
    Your Pal,

  5. AJ

    She will get off lightly…mostly due to her good looks.