This is just plain unfair

Come up and see my open house, big guy

Sex sells real estate. Or real estate agent services, anyway.


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9 responses to “This is just plain unfair

  1. Anonymous

    Conglomerate discount

    Chicks who are allegedly “hot” in IB or law…or real est….are passable at best…far more efficient to rent what one desires…but money never bought taste

    • christopherfountain

      Tiger Woods can speak to the taste department, but surely the “more efficient” approach – if that implies saving money – would have been to stay home with his wife?

  2. Anonymous

    Today, “more efficient” for <40yo hedgies or techies is not to ever get married, unless one really likes kids
    Marriage is an archaic, NPV-negative balance sheet liability/equity risk for a depreciating asset, esp when world's most lucrative industries, like HFs and tech, are full of laissez-faire capitalists who really don't care about one's lifestyle choices as long as one generates acceptable profits (much like Nike, etc vs the celebutards and their lifestyles as they negotiate those lucrative endorsement deals)

  3. Cos Cobber

    Huh, I actually find procreation fulfilling even though it may (what if my child is the next Bill Gates?) or may not yield a positive economic return in the long run.

    I guess I am lost romantic. I guess I find there is more to life than amassing wealth. Weird.

  4. P

    Emphasis on “services”.

  5. greenmtnpunter

    As my old airline pilot pal would say: “If it flies, floats, or f–ks, rent it!”

  6. There are other romantics among us, Cos Cobber.

  7. Arouet

    You’re not a lost romantic, Cos Cobber—you’re one of those guys who’s actually able to get a woman without paying for it.

  8. Greenwich Gal

    As the wife of a “hedge fund” type, Anonymous, I would say, and by the way he would agree, that I am the best thing to ever happen to my husband. There are many more like me right here in town. We are the educated, well bred mothers and wives who are the real power brokers behind the deal men. Of course, you have to want something a little bit better and more refined than some bimbo type to look sexy on your arm. This is about a real asset, if you want to be so crass as to put it in financial terms. The kind of stuff you can’t buy or rent. This is about a life partner, a supplier of grade A genetic material, a person who manages the home, the children, the social life, the schools, the church and the voluntarism. This is about making a rich and rewarding life, Anonymous. Those who have it understand and appreciate it. Kind of like fine wine – you just kind have to know.