Give that man a stiff drink

338 W. Putnam

Horseneck Tavern, on the market since 2007 for $2.4, sold Friday for $1.475 million. Not chump change, but there was a deal on this property at close to $3, with the same folks losing their shirts over on Sound View Drive. They didn’t get the zoning change they wanted (no parking), withdrew, and this sale was the result. Ow. One bright note: the assessment was just $661,000, so someone had a nice ride for a long time.


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18 responses to “Give that man a stiff drink

  1. Cos Cobber

    Interesting stuff on the Horseneck CF.

    Switching topics, its interesting that the Gwich time poll question of the day has the public in favor of the Pinetum cell tower.

    As a Cos Cobber I do love the Pinetum Reserve. I also like technology too. I think in this case the trade off of a tower cited somewhere on the reserve vs in someone’s backyard makes perfect sense.

    Of course, I still believe that all this talk about the dangers of towers is absurd. Right now a 1000 phone calls, data files, FAA radio conversations, tv/radio broadcasts, etc are flowing through my body as I sit in an office in Gwich and have been doing so since I was a born. So far, so good. Remember, if an antennae can pull in a signal from your location, then it’s passing through you too.

  2. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    It’s been a while since I’ve visited Greenwich, but if memory serves, this place used to have terrible acoustics.

    Whatever happened to Boodle’s?

  3. xyzzy

    I think more than two dozen places went into Boodles’s spot after it closed. Be fun to see if we could name them all.. Black Duck. Vivo.

    Its currently: Tengda

  4. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    Wow, thanks for the link. That’s depressing, to an old-timer. Fred was always willing to hire a decent kid at loose ends between college and the real world. Part of the atmosphere. As long as you treated the customers right and hustled when it was busy. And it was busy, back in the day. Good times.

  5. Digdug

    Boodle’s! Wow! remember when that place burned down?

  6. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    When did it burn down? I remember when Gulliver’s burned down. Now that dates me.

  7. XYount

    Boodle’s fire was of a suspicious nature, coming as it did during the downturn of ’86-’87, if memory serves.

    Great place. Great steaks. Replaced the Gaslight for my parents, their favorite spot before it closed way back when.

    • christopherfountain

      Boodles hit the right combination back in the mid-70s. Good food, not crazily priced, a lively bar scene and a fun place. But the core managers – Jeb Gates, Kim Prall, Ross Proctor, all split to start their own ventures (Gates, Boxing Cat, Elm City Diner, among others) and it never seemed to recover. And, of course, restaurants fall in and out of vogue. I wondered about that fire, too. Interesting that everything since Boodles has had such a short life – location wasn’t bad, at least when Boodles was at its best, so I imagine the succession of owners since just haven’t come up with the right formula. Strange business, restaurants.

  8. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    “the succession of owners since just haven’t come up with the right formula.”

    They haven’t come up with the right formula, because they abandoned the right formula and are now looking for the right formula they abandoned: “Good food, not crazily priced, a lively bar scene and a fun place.”

    Boodle’s had the right formula, a timeless classic sort of thing that has worked well ever since the European medieval era, or whenever it was that people started keeping inns and pubs. Heck, probably since the days of the Roman Empire.

    What ever happened to Fred Mayer (or Meyer)? Wasn’t he the manager or owner back in the late 1970s? I thought he did a pretty good job.

  9. Anonymous

    Speaking of Boodles- I also miss Morgans- very similar to Boodles- good food reasonable priced and a great bar scene. Now you have an over priced restaurant where the tables are so close together you hear other peoples conversations. It is too bad!

  10. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    Yes, Morgan’s was a good one, too. A lot of the atmosphere that was generated in these places came from the personnel that worked there. Youngish guys and gals who worked and played hard, knew how to treat the customers, had a sense of humor, etc. Educated screw-ups or black sheep from decent families who just couldn’t bring themselves to take the next step into the wonderful world of finance. Or real estate. One of my friends used to say “Bartenders in Gucci loafers”.

  11. Wow, it’s so great to hear you guy’s fondly reminisce about the old joints.

    Miss being able to do that with my old drinking pals back across the pond in Galway.

  12. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    Clicked on your link, duff. Good stuff there. Especially after the Toll Brothers eyesores around these parts. Nice to see one of the brethren making good on my old stomping grounds.

  13. thanks, Gr. Ex-Pat.

  14. Curious

    What is your general opinion of commercial, not residential, property value in Greenwich? For example along East and West Putnam (Rt 1)? Are any of those car dealers leaving anytime soon? Thanks for a quick reference. Twice assessment here seems a BIT high?

  15. Way Up Valley

    Tumbledown’s, anyone?

    Another great place, slightly less refined Boodles in the worked-since-medieval-times mode, slid, slipped, shut and fated to be replaced by overpriced foreign fare with snotty service (since and currently abandoned). Several great dates there in the 80s, very early 90s.

    Personally I also miss Jonathan’s (and the Charlie Brown’s that replaced it), Chopping Block, and several gen-u-ine greasy spooons including Dorothy’s Place. Casey’s was better, but we have become fans of Sundown.

    Also in my house we pine for The Clam Box and le Shack.

  16. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    Whoa, Tumbledown’s, I forgot that one, thanks for the memory. The Clam Box, another good one.

  17. Peeps

    I miss the Clam Box. When you ordered steamers, they came in a bucket, not a smaller bowl like they do now.
    And I remember free shrimp at Happy Hour. The main bartender later became a Greenwich cop. (Jimmy Mahar)
    For those who may have fond memories of the floating disco at the Showboat Hotel, it’s now restored and it’s docked on the Byram River. You can see it if you go to Mill Street and look toward Costco. To see it from the other direction, go to COSTCO and look upriver toward Greenwich. The boat looks beautiful and you can rent it for private parties. I’ve been to some great parties there. it doesn’t go anywhere, though, because it’s not really a working boat. it was built for the Freedomland Amusement Park, where Coop City is today. It’s beautiful in a vintage kind of way. if you still have money and are having a party, consider it, but post it here so I can come, too.