Looks like Crown Lane won’t be joining Round Hill as a den of thieves

The NYT looks at the whispers of insider trading at SAC and, so far as I can tell, comes up with nothing.

Despite the 1995 censure, former SAC employees say that Mr. Cohen does not tolerate wrongdoing and that the firm, which manages about $13 billion, is being unfairly smeared. Its compliance department has about 15 employees who watch for suspicious trading patterns and other potential violations. The firm neither encourages nor condones insider trading, these former employees said.

“There was a culture of compliance,” one former manager said. “People who couldn’t explain how they were doing things were let go.”

Well darn – eventually, Walt Noel, Raj, Ric Bourke, Dom and the rest of the crowd on Round ‘Em up Hill will be in jail or run out of money and cease to be entertaining. I was hoping Mr. Cohen would take up the slack. Of course, there’s always the chance that Stevie’s neighbor on Crown Lane, noted cartoonist Jerry Dumas, will develop a taste for illegal behavior and keep the street in the running. He hangs out with that Yudain character and we all know what he’s capable of.


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5 responses to “Looks like Crown Lane won’t be joining Round Hill as a den of thieves

  1. Cos Cobber

    this is good news. love or hate Cohen, he is a significant employer for lower fairfield county. we don’t need another meltdown.

  2. pulled up in OG

    You posted just a tad early in the day, Chris. Mrs. ex-Cohen to the rescue.

    “Cohen sued by ex-wife for racketeering”


    • christopherfountain

      I saw that, but I also saw a lot of crap from angry ex-spouses when I lawyered, so I let it pass. Not saying it didn’t happen, and from the few personal stories I know abut Mr. Cohen, he doesn’t sound like a guy I’d like, but unless someone with actual knowledge speaks up, I say Crown Lane won’t be the next Round Hill Road. Of course, if Mrs. Ex cares to come up with proof, cool!

  3. Bourke Fun Fact

    Bourke’s Seal Harbor ME boat is called “Zebra”. Now that is a horse of a different color.