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Problem, solution

There was an environmental forum in town Tuesday (?) night and while I’m delighted I missed it, I see that at least one resident has a concern we can answer.

Laura Yerkovitch, who recently moved to Riverside from New York City … expressed concern about deer overpopulation and its relationship to the prevalence of Lyme disease.

Laura, welcome to Riverside, where, astonishingly, we do have a deer population. Unfortunately, the deer rifle is just too powerful to use in this crowded neck of the woods, as its bullets can travel for miles, but a modern rifled-barrel slug gun is perfect – the slug drops approximately 8′ over 100 yards and is in the dirt by 150. Right now, their use isn’t allowed in Greenwich but if you care to lead the charge, I’ll be (safely) right behind you.

Boids. Dirty, stinkin' boids - with hooves!


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Oh golly gee, a leaked memo on global warming that says we’re all f****d

Warmists have released a super secret, double-dare probation memo to the UN chief that says, even if everything the warmists want accomplished is passed in Copenhegan we’re still doomed. Great. Because we can’t afford to do what the Copenhagenists want without destroying the western world’s economy and if we really have to do twice that (I presume by committing mass suicide) to have the necessary effect then forget it; let’s call the whole thing off, and go home.

UPDATE: Best comment on the Times article linked to (The Times refused to publish the Climategate emails because they were pilfered): “I thought the NYT and DotEarth wouldn’t publish “stolen” documents?”


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$ Million plus mortgages now defaulting at 12%, twice the rate of smaller ones

The richer you are, the better advice you can afford, I guess.

Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) — Homeowners with mortgages of more than $1 million aredefaulting at almost twice the U.S. rate and some are turning to so-called short sales to unload properties as stock-market losses and pay cuts squeeze wealthy borrowers.

“The rich aren’t as rich as they used to be,” said Alex Rodriguez, a Miami real estate agent with JM Group USA Inc., whose listings include a $2.9 million property marketed as a short sale because the price is less than the mortgage, leaving the bank with a loss. “People have reached the point where they can’t afford the carrying expenses of a $2 million home.”

Payments on about 12 percent of mortgages exceeding $1 million were 90 days or more overdue in September, compared with 6.3 percent on loans less than $250,000 and 7.4 percent on all U.S. mortgages, according to data from First American CoreLogic Inc., a Santa Ana, California-based research firm. The rate for mortgages above $1 million was 4.7 percent a year earlier.

As defaults on the biggest mortgages rise, borrowers such as Steve Holzknecht are turning to short sales to exit loans that now are larger than the market value of the house. In such a transaction, the lender agrees to accept less than a 100 percent payoff on a mortgage to expedite the property’s sale.

Holzknecht, 53, last month cut the asking price for his 7,280-square-foot home in Kirkland, Washington, by $550,000 to $1.25 million, lower than the balances of his two mortgages. Holzknecht, the former owner of Four Suns Inc., a Seattle luxuryhomebuilder that went out of business two months ago, constructed the Craftsman-style home in 2000. He declined to identify his lenders or the amount he owes.

Common Plight

“It’s not uncommon to see this situation on the high end of the market — homes selling for less than it would cost to build them,” said Holzknecht’s agent, Joe Flick of Roanoke Group in Seattle. The property came on the market eight months ago priced at $1.85 million, he said.


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Green Demolitions

I’ve mentioned these folks several times before but if you need a reminder and are thinking about redoing your kitchen, this is quite possibly the best way to go. Great stuff, for practically nothing. If you want to sell, for instance, and don’t want to put $100,000 into updating your kitchen (which you shouldn’t) here’s the answer. Or just stay put and enjoy someone else’s change of mind. Custom cabinets, granite counters, top-of-the-line appliances, all slightly used but in great shape, going for less than you’d tip your favorite realtor this Christmas (you are going to do that, aren’t you?)

Green Demolitions


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All that hot air and still it snows

Shovel ve must der solar panels, jah?

Blizzard hits Copenhagen. Forecast:  first white Christmas in 14 years.


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Welcome to Greenwich, sucker

We're on it!

Email from a client who has become a friend. Sorry, pal, I forgot to mention the professionalism of our police force when selling you that house; you’ll get used to it.

My alarm goes off today and I get a call from my alarm company.  There
weren’t supposed to be any workers at the house so I had them dispatch
the police.  I call a couple of hours later and this is the response:

Police – “Greenwich Police”

Me – “Yes, my alarm went off today and I had the police dispatched.  I
would like a report”

Police – “You need to get that report from your alarm company”

Me – “They don’t have a report so I would like to get one”

Police – “Well, Only the security company can get a report”

Me- “So what you are saying is that my alarm went off at my house, I had
the police dispatched and you can’t give me a report on my own house??”

Police – “That’s correct sir”

Me- “You have to be kidding”

Police- “No sir, you have to have your security company call”



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That Greenwich Maserati

Greenwich Time’s Neil Vigdor pursued his quest for the owner of the $125,000 Maserati parked, with a town employee tag, at Town Hall and discovered that it belongs not to a BET member but to an employee of the Social Services Department. It strikes me as incongruous that someone working in Social Services, presumably a department chock-full of compassionate people, would feel comfortable spending this much money on an automobile but other than that, it’s his or her money and she’s free to part with it as she pleases, don’t you think? Still, I think I know where we can look for salary give-backs when next we need them.


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