They like me! They really like me!

I haven’t had time to actually watch it, but what a wonderful thing to receive in my email just now. My friend at the White House says this was prepared just for me, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind my sharing it with friends.

chris —

You’ve been an incredible part of this movement this year. So some volunteers got together and helped us make a holiday video, just for you, chris fountain.

You can watch it here:

It was a blast making it. Enjoy!

Happy holidays,

Mitch and the entire OFA community


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2 responses to “They like me! They really like me!

  1. Anonymous


    free floating “holiday” unmoored from any meaning whatsoever. Is that what Michelle O meant when she said “we are going to have to change out history and our traditions” ?

    Holy day, ……….?

  2. Anonymous

    What movement was that then? I want in. I want one. I like the lights in the office building and the plane in the sky. Noone ever did anything like that for me before.
    Only one problem, “Don’t worry, we won’t keep any of your friends’ info” is all talk and no action. I’ll be on their database forever more and when the ‘Tea Party’ get into power next, they’ll think that I supported the opposition!