Shut up and eat your pemmican!

(What would Jim [Bridger] do?) “Life threatening” conditions tomorrow because, gosh, it’s going to snow! We’re turning into a nation of wussies, thanks to the media and its penchant for sensationalizing everything, including the weather. At least our local delegates to Copenhagen will have a snowy “welcome home” to greet them. Can Lear jets land in a foot of snow?


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10 responses to “WWJD?

  1. plover

    I’m scared shitless living on cape cod with blizzard warnings. Can the government help me?

    • christopherfountain

      FEMA will be there as soon as the skies clear, with cash in hand, just as it reimburses other New England towns (including Greenwich!) for snow removal. We’ve gone nuts.

  2. Walt

    Weasel Boy –
    Thanks for playing Storm Fields. Or are you that other weather guy? The one who used to draw on a white board? Remember him? Is the travel advisory for noon on Saturday or at midnight Saturday? I never was any good at numbers, and the AM PM stuff always confuses the crap out of me.
    Want to come over and make yellow snow, then throw it at cars on Roundhill? It will be fun.
    Your Pal,

  3. plover

    does walt mean the drunk with a mustache?

  4. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    I just heard on Bloviating Brian’s news half-hour that Obama was publicly humiliated in Copenhagen. He apparently blundered in uninvited on a meeting that the Chinese and Brazilian honchos were in the middle of. Oopsie! Ouchie! Plus nothing got done. Despite what the MSM says, no real agreement was reached.

    Anyway, here’s hoping the storm will irritate the bejabers out of our “delegates”. Schumer about had a meltdown just because he was asked to turn off his cell phone. I can just imagine how his brethren might feel having to circle Washington for hours on end, or having to route to Atlanta or Miami. Or worse, not being able to leave Copenhagen at all.

    I’m Gunnar. Fly me.

  5. XYount

    These clowns are pledging 100 — wait for it — BILLION DOLLARS a year for ten years to combat global warming.

    For a tenth of that I’ve got the solution:
    Everyone at the Copenhagen summit, shut your traps for the duration.

    That ought to eliminate enough hot air to start the next ice age.

  6. Blizzard Checklist

    My furnace has been inspected. My snow-plow guy says he’s game for another season. My generator has been checked out and exercised. My sons’ boarding school has has been notified of the situation. My wife has been instructed as to how to deal with possible snow storm issues affecting the house. My first-class reservation on the 9 AM flight to Barbados tomorrow has been confirmed.

    Is there anything I’ve forgotten?

  7. cotswood

    Walt, might you be referring to Lloyd Lindsay Young? HELLOOOO PORT CHESTER!!!