Canadian oil sands

Closer to perfecting techniques that produce a better grade of fuel with less environmental damage. The propeller beanie/pixie dust crowd won’t be impressed but until we come up with something better, we need oil.


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4 responses to “Canadian oil sands

  1. P

    This won’t provide much direct help if the Great One continues to insist the U.S. should tax or ban “dirty oil” (as if other oil is cleaner!).

  2. Arouet

    Does “dirty oil” mean oil sold by dirty old men? Who sell their granddaughters to the highest bidder and call it marriage? Who enact laws allowing grown men to publicly flog teenage girls who’ve been gang-raped?

  3. ACS

    Albertan here- I have a friend who is an engineer for Syncrude, and he likes to talk about the innovations they are making. They are bringing the processing costs and environmental impacts down faster than anyone knows.

    Which is good for the US ultimately, since Canada is the largest source for your oil imports.

    Earlier this year I watched a clip of Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Kudlow. When asked about possible restrictions on “dirty oil”, Harper made the point that terrorist-funding, completely hostile despotic regimes could be considered to be “dirtier” than the oil sands. The fact is, it doesn’t matter if we’re pressing the corpses of clubbed baby seals for the oil we pipe south, the US needs the energy.

  4. ACS

    Oh, and for anyone who thinks that the Tar Sands were somehow a pristine wilderness and everything was pristine until we helicoptered all those earth movers in…

    The Oil Sands are composed of bitumen. It seeped up to the surface in sticky tarry bogs in northern Alberta for millennia. So in a way, you could say we’re just cleaning it up, and getting all that asphalt out of that nice muskeg.