Bottom story of the day: Many believe Santa is real

The Washington Post, expending all its remaining resources, has discovered children who still believe in Sanity Clause. They could have saved their time an effort by merely wandering down to the nation’s Capitol and interviewing the adults there who still hold that same belief.


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9 responses to “Bottom story of the day: Many believe Santa is real

  1. Anonymous

    Same dumb kids who grow up to put all their money in some Ponzi scheme….be it their overlevered house or a future Madoff or some speculative stocks ala ’99

  2. madoff

    santa beat up madoff-broke his ribs with punches and dropped his lung-nice present-should have happened long ago

  3. KC

    What, no . . . no Santa!? Well, I have admit these last few years, I had begun to wonder. But, if he visits tonight, I never said that, okay?

  4. KC

    Oh and, by the way, even if Santa doesn’t bring me everything I wished for, Merry Christmas to CF and the people who make all the interesting comments here. It’s been fun to visit FWIW all year long.

  5. not so anonymous

    Merry Christmas to all of you who remind me so amusingly of my childhood home. Thanks, and I find CF charming, witty and bright even if he doesn’t answer my emails…

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    Not so Anonymous = YOU!!! Charming, witty and bright? You have to be kidding me. And least they were smart enough not to compliment the drivel you call writing.
    Anyway, enough about you. I believe in Santa Clause. Bernie was Santa Clause. He sent me boat loads of money. And he was a Jew!!
    And Barack. He is Santa Clause. He is raining trillions of dollars on folks. Mostly Wall Street and illegal immigrants.
    So what is not to believe?
    Anyway. Merry Christmas and all the best to you for the New Year. You load.
    Your Pal,

  7. the usual anon

    Forget Santa. I know people who believe that the second coming has already occurred.These same people, in the same breath also talk of Mr.Obama being the Messiah. Surely that tops the survey.
    There is a big difference between doubting the ‘initial’ Messiah and questioning the ‘new’ one though.

    Not so anonymous,
    I thought it was only me he didn’t ‘like’. Good to know.

    My life has also enriched enormously with Chris and his intelligent discussions on my favorite subjects of real estate and politics/light current affairs. A completely welcome dimension of my ‘temporary’ new life here in Greenwich
    I agree, it’s great being with you all too. Even though we don’t know each other’s identities. Or whose many alter egos’ are who’s. I suspect Chris has a few up his sleeve and I’m beginning to think that Greenwich Gal is one of them.Oh well, she’ll just have to come ‘out’ on the coffee evening to prove me wrong. And I know that she will if I dare her to not actually exist..

    Merry Christmas to you all.

    I’d better go to bed soon. Santa is coming in 3 hours and if I’m not asleep, my mommy says that he won’t come.

  8. shoeless

    Santa gonna pay my mortgage in 2010!! Santa gonna gimme health care!!
    Santa gonna cool the planet!!

    Santa gonna shake down every tax payer out there to pay for his three Ho’s.

  9. KC

    Thanks for the post, anon. I like most of the people who share with us during the year and Greenwich Gal certainly falls into that category. She seems so level headed. Let me know what you find but I hope she’s there. And I hope Santa did bring you most of what you wanted.