It’s Kit Carson’s 200th birthday!

Didn’t know that until just now. Born today, December 24th, in 1809. My earliest hero, for an odd reason: the first book I remember reading on my own was about Davey Crockett and that set off a life-long interest in the west , fur-trappers and Indians. Who knew?

I was in Taos back in 2000, working on a book about my own ancestor, Col. Albert Fountain, and met Kit Carson’s great (great?) grandson, who runs a museum there. Col. Fountain and Carson had both waged war, against their wishes but under orders of their commanding officer, against the Navaho and it was an interesting experience rejoining the two lines more than a century later. The latter day Carson, by the way, has the same small, bantam-build his ancestor is said to have had. Pretty neat.


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  1. poverty

    kit died a pauper