Wonder why you keep tripping over Walter Noel at the RHC this season?


Wonder no more. Page Six reports that he’s rented out Villa Mustique to Bill Gates and may be selling it. Walt and Monica have nowhere else to go! Try not to show your annoyance at seeing them at your club -it’s temporary.

Walter Noel and his family haven’t been seen yet this winter in Mustique, where the Fairfield Greenwich fund king has a big estate. Noel, who lost $7 billion of his clients’ money to Bernie Madoff, usually makes a big splash on the private island with his wife and four [sic] daughters and their husbands, who worked for Noel around the world. But sources say this year he rented the place to Bill Gates, who was spotted with his wife and friends at Firefly, one of Mustique’s fanciest inns. “The rumor is that Gates loves it so much, he plans to buy it,” said one source.

Hmm. I assume that the same angry creditors who slapped liens on Walt’s Round Hill home must have found a way to do the same thing in Mustique, but surely Bill Gates’s lawyers can figure a way around that difficulty.


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2 responses to “Wonder why you keep tripping over Walter Noel at the RHC this season?

  1. B&T

    They still have the “cottage” in Palm Beach
    which you can be sure has been registered under Florida’s homestead act. While they were blackballed at every club including the Bath and Tennis, I am sure they are doing just fine in the sun.

  2. One can only wonder if they had the “No-Noel” cocktails down at the island again this year? Will anyone miss them in Musitque?