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The black helicopters are hovering

10: 33 pm:

Associated Press

Rush Limbaugh stricken with apparent heart attack while vacationing in Hawaii. Coincidence that Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are also vacationing in Hawaii at this very moment? I think not.


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America the fair

So, precisely because your average terrorist these days is a young muslim male between the ages of 19 and 28 flying on a British, Pakistani or other Middle Eastern passport, we will not single out those individuals for special scrutiny and will instead subject the entire rest of the flying public, from infants to businessmen to 94-year-old women in wheelchairs to long, tedious waits and invasive searches. This will show our inherent decency and fairness and, at the cost of billions of dollars in wasted time, will convince our hot-headed young muslim friends to love and admire us.

That seems to be our country’s answer to terrorism. It hasn’t worked so well since 9/11 but perhaps given time …. I just wonder why, if it is unfair to punish all members of the young muslim set for the crimes of their brothers, is it fair to punish everyone else instead?


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There must be better records to beat

I say no, no no

Woman with 0.718 BAC tops North Dakota record. She was cheating, of course, because any normal person is dead at half that. Nice touch? After getting out of the hospital and on bond she skips bail and is found, again, in a stolen car, again, drunk, again. No she is not Amy Winehouse

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How long does it take the world’s fastest train to travel from Guangzhou to Wuhan?

Answer: 5 1/2 hours. 3 to travel the actual distance, 2 1/2 to stop in the middle and search for a disobedient smoker who set off a smoke alarm and shut down the train. Nice to know that China has morons in charge, just like us. I appreciate the level playing field.

Waiting for the smoking car


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Spec houses

Of the 539 single family homes on the market, at least 32 of them are spec houses priced at $5 million or more. That’s down from the 53 we had last year, but we lost a lot to rentals and very few to sales (I’ll see how many we actually sold later). Knowing what I do about the financing on many of these places, I think next year will prove a fruitful time to bid on that big mansion you’ve always wanted but could never afford. The trouble is, most of these spec jobs are on streets and land that you wouldn’t want to live on at any price. It’s always something.

UPDATE: 19 spec houses listed at $5 million and above sold this year, but 4 of those sold for far less than $5 (and millions less than their original asking prices) and several others “sold direct” which I interpret as a sale by their developer to himself, in another entity, to create the illusion of a sale and thereby maintain the prices of his other houses on the market.

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All across the land, the rich dead are nailed to perches, awaiting the New year

He's just resting, damn it!


The old are plugged into life-support machines until the estate tax repeal arrives January 1st. Hang in there, GranPa!

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Body scanners or bombs? Im thinking, I’m thinking

Full body scanners coming to airports near you. I enjoy public nudity as much as the next person, perhaps more, but I like to reserve that pleasure for warm sandy beaches on St. Bart’s or Nantucket. Displaying my hoo-hoo at Kennedy to some TSA goon makes me queasy. These scanner don’t stop at underwear, you know. Ugh.


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