Body scanners or bombs? Im thinking, I’m thinking

Full body scanners coming to airports near you. I enjoy public nudity as much as the next person, perhaps more, but I like to reserve that pleasure for warm sandy beaches on St. Bart’s or Nantucket. Displaying my hoo-hoo at Kennedy to some TSA goon makes me queasy. These scanner don’t stop at underwear, you know. Ugh.


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3 responses to “Body scanners or bombs? Im thinking, I’m thinking

  1. the usual anon

    Your innocence is very cute. You’re adorable. However, once you have had a few babies, you don’t really care what comes up on a computer screen. Have you ever had a chest X-ray? Well, your boobs show up on that too. As a nurse and a midwife of 20+ years, I’ve seen it all. And yes, we laugh at you, with the doctors, it’s a mating ritual. So don’t think that an airport is any different to the scanning department staff at a hospital near you. We are the same underneath it all! Well, nearly.

    If you don’t want to show your private little areas, don’t fly. I don’t fly ‘cos I’m frightened of being exploded. Don’t you think that my civil liberties have been affected more than a muslim man who doesn’t want his wife scanned? There will be female operators for females and the men can have who they want. Look on the bright side, Hoops may get a job.

  2. the usual anon

    One more thought. The support underwear sales will be booming shortly. You know when you all go out and buy your anti-embolic stockings ready for your transatlantics, well now, even for short hops, every single passenger will be looking for a little support in the right areas. Forget Hoops wearing her G-string. She will be doing her online purchases of highly supportive Granny knickers and long johns. Forget preventative healthcare, this might be the one catalyst which will decrease the ‘size’ of the population. Wives of business flyers will suddenly become suspicious that her slob suddenly slims and buys new ‘supporting’ underwear. All for the camera. And us laughing scanners. Look on the bright side, they could combine full body scans with an airport health clinic visit. Be sure to check in early, the doctor will review your scan while you wait.

  3. Daniel

    What is going to happen when one jihadist has c4 implanted in their body with a trigger switch under their skin before we finally say enough is enough?