Bob Horton makes sense

Yes, he’s a friend of mine, but his column today on the just a few of the idiocies of our town government are spot – on. Go, Bob!


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12 responses to “Bob Horton makes sense

  1. Anonymous

    worse, by far, to my way of thinking is the attitude of many town employees today. used to be, when we moved here in the 60s, that a letter to the town or a call to a department would get a pleasant return call and then some action. now, whether it’s a call regarding a dead tree, broken pavement, non-working streetlamps or any other suggestion or request, there is NO response. well, if you leave an email message for the first selectman [today, tessi, but true for years], you will get a copy of the selectman’s note to the responsible department and a response from the department head that whatever you think is a problem is not in fact a problem and nothing will get done. if you write directly to the department, you get no response. but of course — you are an irritant, not a customer. and, history has shown that the department heads do not need to respond, so why should they? anyone who thinks that republicans [being more business-oriented] would do a better job at running the town is mistaken.

  2. dogwalker

    And he didn’t even touch on the building department – an area that actually makes money for the town. For many years it has not been uncommon to encounter significant lines, but since the layoffs it is out of control.

    • christopherfountain

      How about the idea that the Bldg. Dept. is closed almost all day, every day, due, it was once claimed, to the huge backlog of applications and other paper work they had to catch up on? Now that applications have disappeared and the employees have nothing to do, wouldn’t you think they had time to re-open to those of us who pay their salary? Hah!

  3. bc

    He teally makes alot of sense on this one.

  4. duff

    Could not agree more with Bob’s assessment.

    I have gotten to the bld. dept. file room more times to find the door locked than open. It’s open for two half days per week.

    Don’t get me started on that town web site. I get pangs every time I have to go on there for information.

    I think it was Bob that talked about Todd’s Point daily evening closing routine, a few weeks back. That daily episode is one of the most “anti customer friendly” I have ever encountered, anywhere. The shock (and then the inevitable question) I have seen on visitors faces who are encountering this for the first time, is embarrassing as a town resident. It’s an “us against them” mentality every evening. I have seen the town vehicle, with eager, white knuckled driver at the wheel chasing across walkways taking out garbage cans to halt that late to the party jogger in her tracks.

  5. Todd's caretaker

    Yoose got it all wrong.

    We get to live here and run our little side businesses without public interference on average 12 hours per day. And we lock the gate to keep you out.

    So why should we have to wait until after dark to get yoose out? We want it all clear by sundown.

  6. Townie


    You talkin ’bout all of Town Hall?

    Or jus’ the Marine Division?

    BTY-Plural of you is youz!

  7. For the last six decades, I’ve referred to the town’s 147 acre park as “Tod’s Point,” not “Todd’s,” as the fellow who first developed the property (other than Indians centuries earlier) was J. Kennedy Tod.

  8. dogwalker

    Back to the Building Department . . . so there are not enough people to handle the work in the first place . . . then, yes, demand for services goes down with the recession, BUT staff are laid off, too . . . so is there really a drop in demand?

    Well, I’m biased where the Building Department is concerned, I’ll admit. But, more in line with Horton’s piece, I’m also POed because I have to do something there that could easily be done online or by mail . . . but they are not set up to accommodate that sensible approach.

    Am I the only one who has had good experiences at Town Hall in recent years? Several people in the Town Clerk’s office have gone out of their way to be helpful . . . including the lady herself. The ladies in the Registrar or Voters office went WAY above and beyond a couple of years ago. And several people in the Building Department, of all places, (not connected with my bias there) also helped facilitate my business.

  9. Arouet

    Are these employees town residents or imports?

  10. dogwalker

    Both. There is no residency requirement for town jobs.

  11. towncar

    I was driving up the merritt over the sikorsky bridge and along side me was a greenwich town car.

    who’s paying for that?