Brave new world

18-year-old W. Hartford kid arrested on multiple counts for giving a friend a ride home in the trunk of his car. There wasn’t room in the car for everyone so one kid climbed in the trunk. Who the hell didn’t do that back when? And what’s wrong with the cop who didn’t warn the driver instead of slapping him with a bushel basket of offenses including one, risk of injury to a minor, that could put the kid on the sex offender list for the rest of his life? Jerk


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5 responses to “Brave new world

  1. DB

    I’d be more curious who the asshats were that called it in. Once the call was made, my guess is the Officer’s hands were tied (camera on police car etc, and if there was an accident).

  2. Old Coot

    Used to be at least two of us in the trunk going to the drive-in movie. Who do I sue?

  3. Anonymous

    let’s not blame the cop for doing his job. if ‘risk of injury to a minor’ [a] includes silly but not perverse stuff like not attaching a seat belt and [b] results in ‘sex offender status’ for the perp, the fault is in the legislature, not the police department. fix the legislature by electing non-cretins, and the problem goes away.

    • christopherfountain

      But cretins make up 90% of the population pool willing to serve in the legislature. You’re either rich, like Scott Frantz, and can indulge your passion to serve, or you’re a pocket-protector Rotarian for whom the $27,000 salary (plus benefits and pension!) is the best meal ticket you’ll ever earn. We need more Scotts, we have too many Rotarians.

  4. Peeps

    It used to be so much fun to ride into the Elmsford Drive-In in the trunk…now it’s just a Sam’s Club 😦