Girl stabbed to death by father in Greenwich

A botched murder-suicide at 100 Sterling Road. Tax records show owner as 100 Sterling LLC but no such entity filed with the state. 20-room house on 37 acres, so not, presumably, some backwoods family like the Fountains.

UPDATE: Reader says house belongs to S. Donald Sussman, of Paloma Funds

UPDATE: Confirmed via Google and Huffington Post campaign donor pages

Once married to Laurie Tisch – since divorced

To be sure, just because Mr. Sussman owns the house doesn’t mean either he or his child was involved – someone could be staying at the house, for instance, which is possible given the holiday season. More as we learn more.

UPDATE Again: Now (1:05) Greenwich Time accompanies the story with a GHS yearbook photo of a young woman named Amanda Dobrzanski.

And now (2:30) a reader says Greenwich Post is saying Adam Dobrzanski has been arrested House guest? Employee? Don’t know. Tragic either way.

Final Update: It was the gardener. My friend and most excellent reporter Teri Buhl has an article in GT on the owner of the house, Donald Sussman. There is also more information on the poor young girl who was murdered, but I find that too depressing to link to.


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14 responses to “Girl stabbed to death by father in Greenwich

  1. The Word

    House is the home of S. Donald Sussman, founder of the Paloma Funds. He used to be married to a member of the Tisch family. Very philanthropic, and very anxious for all and sundry to know how philanthropic he is, as you can see by visiting the website he created as a repository of stories on his charitable activities (no kidding):

  2. dogwalker

    I was wondering whether it was someone staying in the house. On some website, Sussman has only one daughter listed – Emily.

    A Facebook page that appears to be the victim’s is open. It shows her as a student at University of Rhode Island. There is posting on 19 December that reads “Home Sweet Home”. I’m off to sob.

  3. Anonymous

    Perhaps violence-prone household employees; they don’t hand those jobs out to just anyone

  4. dogwalker

    Greenwich Post is reporting the arrest of 55-year-old Adam Dobrzanski for the murder of his 20 year-old daughter.

  5. trader

    Photo of Sussman –

    Have to wonder if the girl was working for Sussman could be the maid’s kid.

  6. Anonymous

    Words fail.

    The horror, the horror.

  7. Code of Honor

    The old country code of honor doesn’t seem to be understood in this town. We deal with certain family situations in a certain way.

    A gun or a knife is just part of normal domestic dispute resolution – old country style.

    • christopherfountain

      In Cos Cob or, what’s that new area discovered by the NYT – Chikenhomeney? – sure. But in Greenwich proper, we have asylums and Silver Hill and never, ever, invite the press into our family “difficulties”.

  8. dogwalker

    Code, Northern Slavs don’t kill their daughters because they are inadequate to make their marriages work. Themselves, maybe. But that’s not what Adam did, is it?

  9. ct trader

    Wow when did Buhl start writing for the GT? I loved her work at the New Yord Post and Dealbreaker.
    Has the Hearst organization finally realized if it wants to sell ads it needs hard hitting wall street news with juicy details like Buhl gets.
    CF you’re still my first read if I want the real world view on a story.

    • christopherfountain

      Teri’s free lancing, and I believe just rapidly produced and pitched a timely story to GT. The paper would be smart to hire her as a regular, but nothing I’ve seen so far makes me think the editors are that smart.

  10. greenwich goldie

    In late 2007, where was the dead body of the 49 year old Bronx man dumped during broad daylight in Greenwich – wasn’t it Sterling Rd? I cannot recall.