Stay in bed this morning

Back from Newark and while the highways were okay at 5:00 AM, the Post Road as of 9:30 is a mess – if you’re curious how many people live and drive here without snowtires take a ride over there – they’re all piled up on hills and into curbs.


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3 responses to “Stay in bed this morning

  1. Cos Cobber

    I have pretty good all wheel drive vehicle and I found it to be as dicey as it gets on the roads this morning short of ice storm. I glided straight through several stop signs despite going slow. The town and the state did not pretreat the roads and it that has made all the difference.

    • christopherfountain

      I don’t know its current status, CC, but I was told by a fellow tenant that the police had closed the Post Road entirely, at least at its intersection with Havemeyer Lane. I was out with four snows on my Honda and had no trouble but there were a ton of cars stuck on that hill from ShopRite to Havemeyer and that involved quite a bit of dodging and weaving.

  2. Mudgrips and a jake brake…that’s the ticket.