Where is Blumenthal?

Protecting our country

Niantic, Connecticut blogger Steven Frishling was attacked by TSA goons last week and had his computer seized by federal government officials embarrassed at the exposure of their silly, weak response to the Captain Underpants bombing attempt. The blogging world rallied around Frishling and late last week the TSA dropped its subpoena, but they still have his computer and his records. I would think that Connecticut’s Attorney General would want to protect one of the citizens he is supposed to serve in an instance like this but so far as I know, he has done nothing – busy skiing in Aspen, perhaps, but is that an excuse? Where is Blumenthal?

UPDATE: We’re in the best of hands. TSA goon drops his super secret, double-probation notebook


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3 responses to “Where is Blumenthal?

  1. Geography Test?

    Clapboard Ridge?

  2. pulled up in OG

    St. Lawrence club.

  3. whatever

    being driven to hartford everyday on our dime?