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Another crisis to be averted only by government intervention

English “authorities” see increasing number of children who can’t learn to speak. Fortunately, they stand ready to solve this problem with childcare centers. Reminds me of our own country’s Head Start program that, aside from sucking up billions of dollars, has produced generations of graduates who can distinguish exactly two more letters than their un-Head Started peers. You may have noticed that our response to this dismal failure is to spend more, not less money on the “problem”.


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Giving up on capital punishment?

Here’s one group that has. While I have never heard of an executed prisoner I thought I’d miss, capital punishment has become a capricious, hugely-expensive alternative to lifetime imprisonment that takes so long to effect that it serves no deterrent. I’m okay with locking up particularly beastly defendants for eternity if I’m assured they won’t get out in fifteen years for good behavior.


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Right the first time?

38 Locust Road

This is a good-looking house way over in our Northwest corner that was priced at $2.950 million when it was first built in 1996. It disappeared for a while after it didn’t sell, but came back on three years ago at $5.2 million. Four cuts and three years later, it’s down today to $3.950. Assessment is $2.


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And we’re off!

We have 500 single family houses on the market this morning, vs. 433 last year, 408 in ’07 and 354 in ’06. To that number should be added the dozens of expired listings which will presumably flood back on in the coming weeks, plus the shadow inventory of distressed homes whose owners may arrange a deal with their lenders to permit a sale. Should be a busy year.


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We have a new tax collector

Tod Laudonia is coming after you, effective yesterday.  I have my doubts on the matter but what really troubles me is Scott Frantz’s haircut – I admire anyone who saves a buck by running a lawn mower over his head instead of paying a barber, but is this a look we want our state Senator to sport? I can’t decide.


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Freeze hits Florida!

Turn those machines back on!

Duke and Duke’s bet may pay off, finally. It’s a bad week for warmists, all over the world: South Korea has its largest snow storm in a decade, Peking is seeing its worst snowfall in sixty years and the ski areas whining about no snow last year: the Swiss Alps, Italy and California, are all buried in snow.


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Another innocent man, 20 years later

DNA evidence cleared Kenneth Ireland this past August, after he’d been imprisoned 20 years for the rape-murder of a Wallingford mother of four, Barbara Pelkey. And now police have used that same DNA tool to arrest a co-worker of Pelkey. My point? I suppose it’s that the death penalty leaves no room for error. But another point is that a jury verdict is not necessarily a definitive judgment of guilt.


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Okay, maybe I want to live in Schulenburg, Texas

NPR aired an interesting story this morning on the revival of a dance hall in Schulenburg and I do enjoy western dancing (and contra dancing, which is sort of, kind-a, like western dance). So that’s cool, but when the NPR casually mentioned that the town has what’s probably the only drive-though liquor/gun store, I decided that I might have found my next home. I mean, geeze – swing by the “Double Shot” , load up on bullets and vodka, then head on over to the Senglemann Dance Hall to shoot down my rival for the love of Felina? Marty Robbins, here I come – once I find Schulenburg on a map.


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