One crook replaced

Back to the Old Country

Dodd quits. He’ll probably be replaced by Dick Blumenthal which is no improvement, but at least the new boy won’t have the seniority, and thus the clout, of Dodd.

UPDATE: Business Insider has the same thought on Bluementhal. I’d say they like him less than I do, but that’s impossible.

UPDATE UPDATE: I missed the link – Blumenthal has already announced his candidacy.


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15 responses to “One crook replaced

  1. duff

    He will be in good company with the numerous government crooks there.

  2. The Word

    Wrong, Chris; the number of crooks will stay exactly the same. Remember that massive mega-billion $$$ tobacco settlement? Blumenthal made sure that his friends got taken care of when the tens of millions in fees got divvied up. How much of that money made its way right back to Dicky B.’s pocket is anyone’s guess, but you have your entire life experience to guide you on that front. Here’s the story:

    February 16, 2000 – Update: Connecticut tobacco-fee bonanza. Not long after Connecticut attorney general Richard Blumenthal said last winter he had “no idea” whether law firms were going to rake in excessive fees representing the state in the tobacco settlement (see Feb. 3 commentary), a total fee haul was announced: a handsome $65 million. As previously reported in this space, the three lucky firms selected to handle the in-state work included Blumenthal’s own former law firm of Silver, Golub & Teitell of Stamford. The other two firms? One was Carmody & Torrance of Waterbury, whose managing partner James K. Robertson is personal counsel and counselor to the state’s governor, John Rowland. And the third was Stamford’s Emmett & Glander, whose name partner, Kathryn Emmett, happens to be married to partner David S. Golub of Silver, Golub & Teitell. “I know how it [looks]“, concedes Golub.

    A number of other firms that wanted to be considered for the work were cut out; Robert Reardon of New London, a former president of the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association, couldn’t get even get in the door for a meeting. Though Attorney General Blumenthal was later to disclaim knowledge of the firms’ fee entitlements, the Connecticut Law Tribune reports that he “was extraordinarily active in the litigation and settlement — more so than any other attorney general”. (Thomas Scheffey, “Winning the $65 Million Gamble”, Connecticut Law Tribune, Dec. 8; “After the Lion’s Share”, Feb. 5).

    Link here:

  3. Anonymous

    A smart move by the Party. Dodd would have lost the seat to Republicans. Ditto in N. Dakota.

  4. 63!

    Bloomy is almost ready for retirement? Too old to see him become the first Jewish President. Maybe his running mate some day will be the other Bloomy Gloomy Bloomberg of NY.

  5. cynic1

    While I detest Dodd ….. Blumenthal is clearly no better …. swarmy, self indulgent , rude and obnoxious…

  6. Old Coot

    Would you guys quit whining! I wake up every morning with Barbara Boxer as my Senator and there’s no sign of her resigning or even breaking a sweat getting reelected.

  7. The Duke of Deception

    Thre Duke hates Dodd, but geez, Blumenthal?

    May have to hold the schnozz and work for the awful Linda.

  8. cynic1

    Well Sir Coot ….. Im now realizing, with my deepest sympathy for you and yours , that my despair could be deeper …

  9. FanO'Fountain

    Yay! No more Dodd. I’ve been waiting for this announcement for decades!

  10. Riverside

    Blumenthal shouldn’t need the cash – he’s married to Cynthia Malkin – daughter of Peter (partner of Harry Helmsley).

  11. The Word

    @ Riverside –

    Yeah, and why would billionaire Raj Rajaratflubber risk jail for a measly $10 million. Or Stew Leonard for a few hundred thousand in taxes? Or Greenwich’s own Lee Rizzuto (owner of Conair and centimiilionaire, if not billionaire, yet)? Or Leona Helmsley? Etc., etc.

    Why are folks so willing to believe that this time – or that this guy – is different? “Needing” the cash is completely irrelevant.

  12. M

    What a shame Dodd is retiring. It would have been a greater pleasure to vote him out of office!!