Teri Buhl’s already hard at work at Greenwich Time

Nice link to a Dodd appearance on Meet the Press where he explains why the right and responsible thing to do is to help out his hedge fund pals who had paid him so handsomely.

UPDATE: Mother Jones put up a detailed posting back in April of some of the many, many financial types giving money to the this awful man. I’ve said before that his entire presidential “campaign” was nothing more than a fund grabber from the industry he regulated and nothing that’s happened since has convinced me I was wrong.

Update Update: I went searching for my first anti-Dodd posting but it was lost when Google banned me and I switched to WordPress. I did discover this post from April Fools day, last year, passing on my very first boss’s guarantee that Dodd was not going to run and that Blumenthal would. I’m obliged to keep that gentleman’s identity secret, but, for a Republican, he’s pretty plugged in to Demmerkrat politics.


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9 responses to “Teri Buhl’s already hard at work at Greenwich Time

  1. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    C, Google banned you? How does Google ban someone and why? Don’t need to know why in your particular case, none of my biz, but just curious, when I’m pretty sure Google is used by all sorts of unsavory types, none of which categories you fall into.

    • christopherfountain

      Google declared me a “spam site” and barred me from posting. They claim to have a computerized appeal process and then, when that fails, a real human is supposed to check the site and clear it for re-blogging but neither happened. I suspect but don’t know , that readers upset with my political views hit the spam button and got me blocked. Google swears this can’t happen but 7 Hillary Clinton blogs were “spammed” back when she was running against Obama, so it can and does happen. I haven’t gone back there recently but the last time I did, about a year after emailing my appeals and doing everything they said would undo the mischief, I was still blocked. So, screw Google says I.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Finally CF, Teri Buhl brings real news to the tumbleweeds at the Gwich times aside from P&Z issues and the police blotter. She’s off to a good start with that Dodd piece.

    Maybe management at the paper finally noticed that their blog roll is completely irrelevant. Maybe they will bring courage back next.

  3. Anonymous

    Linda, Linda, Linda.

    Dodd may well have the last laugh over her now.

    CF, do you now regret eschewing your chance to change the course of history that fateful day on Clapboard Ridge?

    • christopherfountain

      Hah! I’d forgotten that. Yeah, I figured I had two more years to swerve my car before he challenged Lieberman – I should have listened to my old boss – the fix was in, long ago.

  4. Anonymous

    If you google “christopher fountain” on the web, FWIW comes up on top, with yesterday’s postings listed.

    Now that’s pretty good, and most website owners would be happy.

    The gay skater of the same name follows closely behind.

  5. Anonymous

    I think you were actually referring to the secret google page rank formula, where certain sites are blocked in influence, due to “google bombing” malicious intent to warp the results.

    For example, this search:
    “site:christopherfountain.com junior high bathroom humor”
    brings up the best of FWIW

  6. Anonymous

    Google CEO Eric Schmidt is in bed with Obama. Has been from the start. Part of the very well run media machine run by Rahm Emanual. Control of the old and new media is a key strategy employed by this administration. It got him elected and has worked wonders up until a few months ago. Americans aren’t as dumb as Rahm thinks they are.

    BTW, those in the know say that this was all orchestrated by the administration to ensure the CT Senate seat remains in the hands of the Democrats.