More Teri Buhl

Just because I like her (I’ve never met her actually – Teri, can we have coffee?)  doesn’t mean I’m her flack, but this woman is going to make Greenwich Time a must read for anyone interested in the financial world’s Greenwich roots. Check out her blog today on who lost their money when Dodd quit. Great stuff.


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2 responses to “More Teri Buhl

  1. Anon E. Moose

    Just skimmed the article — had to go back to realize that although the protagonist was bold enough to buy off Dodd, he wasn’t so bold as to name his company “Carrion Mortgage” (v. Carrington). It was not beyond consideration, I’m sure. Perhaps a PR advisor earned big coin massaging the name into Carrington.

  2. JT

    @anon – that’s pretty damn funny. That Carrington Captial (Bruce Rose) + Dodd story blew me away. Even I didn’t think he’d be so foolish to lobby for only one hedge fund player.
    I loved Buhl’s work at Dealbreaker. Let’s hope GT allows her sharp inside view to get out on the printed page.