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Weep for Haiti

One hundred thousand dead, or more, millions in need of aid and the Haitians clung to control of their airport until today out of pride, even of they couldn’t handle the job. These people have been ravaged since 1492 and, since 1814 (or thereabouts), by their own fellows. Hopeless, I fear.


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Good news for Jimbo Himes

Rich old fart dies, leaves Lawrenceville School $60 million.


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The professionals come to the Codpiece to save Coakley

Two photos via Instapundit that say it all:

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This won’t happen

Democrat: “we’ll pass the Healthcare bill with 51 votes if Coakley loses”. If Coakley loses to Scott Brown, the Democrats won’t be able to round-up 51 of their own to sign on for extinction. Go Brown!

UPDATE: As I said.

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Funny link via InstaPundit

Mayan calendar explained.

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Another spec house and a bidding war winner come on market

6 Coachlamp Lane, on the corner of Stanwich, is ready for buyers and asking $3.695 million. I’m sure it’s going to be a very nice house and its 0.6 acres will allow a good yard, but I think the builder’s timing is unfortunate: he bought the lot in 2007 for $1.350, right as the wave was cresting. We will see.

And 30 Crescent Road in Riverside, which was bought for $1.760 in 2004 in a bidding war (asking price was $1.675) is now for sale at $1.835, a pretty reasonable price after six years of ownership. But as I’ve pointed out here before, the “winners” of those bidding wars back then didn’t fare well when selling in 2009. Perhaps 2010 will be different. Assessment is $1.317.


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Out of town buyers to the rescue, once again

9 "The Avenue"

This house on the Bedford line has sold for $998,000. That’s 72% of its first price, 238 DOM, and way higher than its assessment of $675,000. I assume someone from across the border took a look at its property tax ($5,612) and saw a bargain.


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