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Aha! Brown leads Coakley as of 9:10 PM

53% to 46%. Regardless of the eventual outcome, I’ve got to believe Democrats are shaking in their seats on Air Fleet Pelosi.


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What fun!

Rasmussen’s last poll shows Coakley ahead by 8%. But it all turns on who showed up to vote. We won’t know that for at least thirty minutes and possibly not until late tonight or even tomorrow morning, but for political junkies like me, this election has added an unexpected jolt of interest into the middle of a dull winter.


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More hmmm

NPR is reporting (8:02, as polls have just closed) that turnout in the suburbs of Mass – Brown country, it is said – was heavy, while city turnout – Coakley country- was light. Again, we won’t know if this means anything for at least an hour, but I’m hopeful.

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It’s not Bush/Cheney after all – it’s discrimination!

If Coakley loses it will be because Massachusetts  voters hate women. Good: hold that thought, so we can beat you again in November and reclaim our country.

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Hmm – No Democrats willing to admit that they voted for Coakley

Don’t know if this means anything or not, but it’s curious.

Just about every election night, Republican pollster Frank Luntz assembles a focus group of likely voters to help predict election results. Tonight you can see Luntz interview an assembly of Massachusetts voters on Fox at 9:10 p.m. EST.

But you probably won’t see all the work that went into it. As of late this afternoon, Luntz was still scrambling to balance his focus group with supporters of Democrat Martha Coakley. “I just lost another one,” Luntz growled over his cell phone from a hotel ballroom at Logan Airport. In the last 24 hours, six Coakley voters have dropped out. By contrast, Luntz hasn’t lost a single supporter of her opponent, Scott Brown.

The problem isn’t money. “They’re getting paid well,” Luntz says, “probably more than they’re making at their jobs. And they still don’t want to do it.”

Instead, says Luntz, they’re ashamed. “They don’t want to be on television defending Martha Coakley. It’s passé. It’s socially unacceptable. I never dreamed I’d see Democrats in Massachusetts embarrassed to admit they’re Democrats.”

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Finally, a solution to the drug problem

Anthrax-infected heroin kills users in France. Hard to see deliberation in this one, though. Everyone: Al Qaeda, the Mexicans, Turks, Afghans, you name them, is getting rich off the drug trade and has no motive to kill (at this moment) their customer base. Still, it could work as a discouragement.

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Milbank still inspires dreams

309 Milbank, a grand old (1904) house in need of a complete restoration or, more likely, a tear-down and start-again, has been kicking around the market since 2004. It began at $2.395 back then, kicked up to $2.550 in January, 2009 and is back again with its 3rd or 4th broker, at $1.795. Assessment is around $850,000, so somewhere between there and its new price should produce a sale. Should.


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