Lots of different viewpoints over at Politico

The site’s “Arena” section contains pithy comments from all over the spectrum so you can pick and choose. Naturally, I pick this one:

Bill BishopAuthor and editor :

Interesting contrast: On the front page of the Times yesterday, there was a story about the trouble Colorado Republican Scott McInnis got into when he was represented on the Fox network as being the “Tea-Party-backed candidate” for governor.  Tea bag leaders objected, saying they didn’t work for any party and they certainly weren’t there to be labeled by any network (even Fox).

Today, the front page of the Times reports: “Obama Moves to Centralize Control Over Party Strategy.”
Two entirely different ways of approaching politics. The first is decentralized, locally controlled and runs counter to centralized authority. The second is centralized and expert-driven.

It’s not really a surprise that Obama would do what he’s doing. That’s the way he’s run his administration — centralized and heavy on experts. And, yes, Democrats, people have noticed that despite all the town halls and round tables and listening sessions, this is an administration that makes its final decisions based on the opinion of its 21st century D.C. collection of the “best and the brightest.”

Republicans have long been quicker to recognize what moves people. And they realize now that centralized authority is the stink that is marking Democrats for the kill. So, in Massachusetts, the Rs took pains to make it appear that the party had its hands off Scott Brown’s candidacy. The Ds talked about the need to give the party complete control of government and to carry on the Kennedy dynasty.

It took four years for the Ds to figure out how Republicans won in ’04. Democrats don’t have that much time to figure this one out.


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3 responses to “Lots of different viewpoints over at Politico

  1. xyzzy

    suprised you aren’t posting about this, snagged both the Stamford Advocate and the Greenwich times.


  2. Greenwich Ex-Pat

    Black Monday?
    Gonna be a hot time in the old town tomorrow.

    Or not.

  3. Anonymous

    Holy S – this Ellie Light thing is amazing for its genius…another arm of media manipulation by Rahm and Co.