Being arrested by the FBI is bad for your looks

Round Hill’s own, Raj Rajaratnam, appeared a bit distressed when arrested for insider trading but his co-conspirator Danielle Chiesi looked like day-old cat barf. Released on bond and a trip to her hair stylist later, she looks a bit better – at least, one could, with an effort, begin to believe that she traded sexual favors for information. Strategically, this is a bad move: had she retained her booking day look, no jury in the world would have believed the prosecution’s theory.

Would you give this woman the time of day?

"Oooh, Raj, you are soooo smart!


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4 responses to “Being arrested by the FBI is bad for your looks

  1. How about some hair humor?

    Question: What did the brain surgeon say to the rocket scientist?

    Answer: You know, it doesn’t take a hair stylist to figure this out.

  2. tagpeddler

    If only the news media would be as unvarnished as you always are, more people would read the news.

  3. g w chase

    Traded sexual favors…spot market or forwards?

  4. peeps

    This should be snagged by a glossy women’s magazine with credits given to those responsible for the makeover. Who did the makeup? Hair? Is there an image stylist?
    Belongs as a Glamour article.