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Jeeze – come on, guys

Remember that meteorite that crashed into a medical building down in Virginia? The docs donated it to the Smithsonian which, in return, was going to pay $5,000 for the rock and that sum was to be donated to a Haitian relief charity. From what I heard on the radio, an insurance policy was in place on the building and would pay for repairs but now the landlords are saying they’re entitled to the rock, and Deniz  and Erol Mutlu have demanded its return. Legally, I’d think their insurer is the one entitled to the piece of astro-rock, not them, but really: is this how you want to get your name in the press?

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Housing on life support

25% of all mortgages underwater. Time to either let the market take its corrective course and open up housing to those who couldn’t afford it before or prop up prices to keep preserve the status quo for another few years and prolong the agony. I prefer the former – Obama is going for door number two.


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Democrat geniuses: People are too stupid to know what’s in their best interest

The BBC, bless its black heart, has come up with two exasperated Democrat professors who explain why Americans won’t just shut up and listen to their betters. I’d love to see a follow up story that addresses how college educated professors could look at a trillion dollars spent on the “War on Poverty”, a $130 billion spent on Head Start, etc., all with absolutely no effect, and still believe that government has the solution to anything. How can they be so stupid? That’s the story I want to see.


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With the economy and health care solved, Obama moves on

Now he’s tackling that number one problem facing our nation, the college football bowl championships. Bread and circuses.

And InstaPundit captured this screenshot which pretty much sums up our President’s solipsism:

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Terror trials to be moved from New York City.

Obama caves. But where to conduct them? Rush Limbaugh suggests Washington D.C., which seems just about perfect, to me. They want  show trials, they should host them, no?

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Korean rice pops

My older sister Lorin is visiting and you never know what will happen when she gets together with our mother and goes shopping. Today, they brought home “Kim’s Magic Rice Pops” from ShopRite. Kinda cool: completely useless nutritionally, but with just 15 calories per plate-sized rice cake, how much do you want from a tasty snack? I admire the Koreans – they took Hundai, for instance, from a crappy car that required a 100,000 mile warranty just to lure Americans into buying it to a top-rated auto per Consumer Reports, in less than ten years. This rice cake was the invention of a Mr. and Mrs. Kim who figured out a way to make a version of a traditional Korean food into something that could be manufactured in local supermarkets here. Ingenious – I like that. I like the Koreans.

Video here:


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Attack of the bullet ants!

My poor Katie got bit by the bad one. She still swears she’s having fun but me, I’d be packing my bags.

Kat Fountain - still breathing in the Amazon


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