Still more nonsense revealed about global warming

UN’s Nobel prize wining report with its claim about disappearing Himalayan glaciers was  based, we learned last week, on nothing. Now it turns out another part of its “scientific” analysis was founded on a popular mountain climbing magazine’s article and a student’s research paper. Nothing wrong with student research papers but they are hardly the stuff of peer-reviewed studies and when scientists at the UN hide their reliance on such untested work some cynics might suspect that they have an agenda going on that has nothing to do with actual science.

By the way: have you noticed that the American press, especially the New York Times, is keeping silent on this widening exposure of fraud? There was a time, long ago, and long before Walter Duranty the Stalinist, when the NYT was considered an objective source of news. Maybe a hundred years ago.


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10 responses to “Still more nonsense revealed about global warming

  1. Peg

    Christopher, used to be that The Nation was an excellent source for lefty news and opinion. I think that they have been replaced, however, with the New York Times.

    While it ain’t perfect, when I’m looking for a reasonable national and international paper, I go to the Wa Po. If I want gorgeous photography along with an elite, “progressive” viewpoing – NY Times is my source!

  2. Island Surveyor

    This is getting tiresome.

    The photo in the link shows no glaciers. Gone. Melted. Dripped away.

    FEMA has re-issued Flood Insurance Rate Maps for all of Fairfield County, to be implemented on June 18, 2010.

    Your crabshack on the creek just moved thirteen and one-quarter inches lower to sea level.

    Make all the fun you want of AGW. But FEMA is calling your bluff and demanding the premium be paid.

    Greenwich P&Z must comply, or Greenwich gets kicked out of the National Flood Insurance system.

    • christopherfountain

      I don’t want to be part of any national flood insurance system – screw ’em. I live here, and I’d have noticed if the water level had risen.

    • christopherfountain

      When glaciers melted in the Alps they discovered a village of ancient origin – perhaps 3,000 years old. if they lived there then, there were no glaciers. Ice comes, ice goes, and humans aren’t part of it. The world is bigger than us.

  3. XYount

    To Island’s point, CF, have ice and glaciers melted this quickly before? It’s the rate of change that has observers stymied.

    I grant you that Husband and I have not seen any change in the high-water mark along Compo Beach shoreline, and we’ve been swimming there for decades.

    Question: Where has the ice melt gone? Refrozen in Antarctica? Into Poland Springs bottles?

  4. Island Surveyor

    XY- Look more closely.

    FEMA is resetting your elevation 1.10 feet lower this June, because water levels are rising and they hold the risk as the insurer.

    I am not making this up. Check your next required Elevation Certificate.

    • christopherfountain

      No, water levels are not rising – hey – I live here and I can observe things – but FEMA is playing political games.

  5. Island Surveyor

    You should check the tide gages.

    Yes NOAA spells it that way. So does WordPress, evidently.

  6. XYount

    Well, Island, if NOAA misspells gauge, who knows what other mistakes it might be making?

    In any case, I live in the higher elevations and am a Westport beach squatter via the free parking at Longshore (way to work the system!). My house won’t be threatened by high tides for several million millenia, if then. Husband and I are sort of hoping for the Northeast shelf to fall off first — instant waterfront property. We say yeah to that.