This isn’t fair

We get the cold, they get the snow. I prefer snow.


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10 responses to “This isn’t fair

  1. Pete

    And you can have it. I moved from NY to TN to get away from this mess and we ended up with at least 6″ yesterday.

  2. Anonymous

    While following FWIW’s leads over on Francis, that Greenwich street otherwise unknown, my car was blocked by a flock of 50 red robins, shivering together in the roadway, very recently arrived from Guatemala. So spring is here!

  3. Anonymous

    I;ll take the snow too – if I lived in a place that knew how to plow the roads!

  4. Greenwich Gal

    I’ll take – neither!
    Take me to the Caribbean pronto!

  5. Tradewinds

    They don’t conjugate verbs in the Caribbean. Choose your poison.

  6. Island Surveyor

    That’s the beauty of Kreyòl Ayisyen – what they speak in Haiti.

  7. Island Surveyor

    I recently called out accuweather for their blatant and egregious hyping of the weather maps.

    One used to be able to ice skate in Town. Not since the anthro-induced CO2 levels were pushed up to 485 ppm by the Cos Cob power plant and its cousins burning coal.

    My post was unceremoniously deleted after a few hours.

  8. Grammar maven

    English don’t conjugate much either.

    I conjugate
    You conjugate
    They conjugate.


    I see, you see, they see.

    You get it.

    I get it, you get it, they get it, etc.

  9. groundhog Phil

    Day before my day in the 30’s, and what do they show?

  10. Greenwich Gal

    After a few Painkillers or Planter’s Punches, one does forget all about the grammar! I’ll be speaking like Chief Sachem after two or three…