Alert to real estate readers

I don’t exactly apologize for so little Greenwich real estate news on this blog during weekends, but by way of explanation, I’ll point out that the main source of up-to-the-minute news on that subject, the Greenwich MLS Internet site, closes at 4:30 on Fridays and doesn’t reopen until Monday at 9:00. So, while I do poke around for rumors and developments around town during the shut-down, the pickings are slim, and, since I’m compelled to write, this blog goes off the main subject on weekends. If that offends or annoys you, by all means just don’t come here except on weekdays, when the real estate content comprises a larger portion of postings.


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25 responses to “Alert to real estate readers

  1. Cat in the Hat

    You have ample real estate subjects, upon which to opine:

    Grade Plane
    Drainage regulations
    P&Z waahoo
    FEMA’s control through lenders
    lender’s control, etc

  2. Anonymous

    No need to apologize, CF
    Macro-economic, tax/political/regulatory, finance industry news/rumors deeply affect Greenwich real estate pricing and liquidity….always have and always will
    This blog (colorfully) captures/criticizes many of these macro and local elements better than any RE source of which I’m aware

  3. Wondering.....

    I’ve been meaning to ask for a long time….Are you prohibited from saying where you work or show us your listings in this blog because it would be a conflict of interest?

    • christopherfountain

      Not at all, Wondering – I work with Frank Farricker at EBT Real Estate, 177 Sound Beach Avenue, Old Greenwich, my email is and my cell phone is (203) 249-4394. All of that is buried somewhere on this blog – “About Me”, I think, and I keep meaning to make it more accessible so I derive some money from all this blogging but my priorities aren’t there. My kids would surely urge me to get over that!
      Right now, I have no listings – it’s a buyer’s market – but when I do have them, if I mention them, I make certain that readers know that they’re mine, so they can add a little salt to my comments.

  4. Reader

    Rumor has it that a high profile listing will be getting a new Broker.

    • christopherfountain

      Would that be Leona’s place? I don’t fault Ogilvy for his marketing – gorgeous photos, but if I were the estate, I doubt I’d be happy with his pricing advice that has resulted in the largest price reduction in Greenwich real estate history (a price cut that eclipses the highest sale, by the way) and nothing else.
      But it’s not the broker, per se, it’s the price. Value this at four, maybe five building lots, and you’re there. Anything above that is pure smoke.

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    It is not the topics you pick on which to opine, that offend us. It is your total lack of any discernable literary skills. And lack of any sense of humor. And all your whining. And….
    Enough. You get it. Frigging cold out, isn’t it?
    Your Pal,

    • christopherfountain

      Nice to know you’re still with me Walt – you warm up my day, even if I don’t feel a tingle up my thigh.

  6. KC

    It goes without saying that a number of your readers like to read your take on the issues that grab your attention. I also enjoy many of the opinions shared here. A bunch of people who read your blog have interesting insights into various topics. If you can do both well (and you do) why not?

  7. From all 40,000 Readers

    You’ve had a fantastic month.

    You should charge us for the pleasure of reading you. Really. (Not!)

    Thank you for your hospitality, here and downtown.

  8. Wondering.....

    Thanks. I looked at the About Me before penning and didn’t see any mention of for whom you work. I know you’ve made mention of Farricker a few thousand times but when I Googled him and found EBT, they are at 14 Mead Avenue, Cos Cob CT 06807 and make no mention of you under “people”. Are there several EBT offices? Just saying, you’d be hard to find if someone wanted to use you to buy/sell a home. I might think to email you for the blog at your gmail account but might wonder if that was not right for your business contacts. Make any sense?

    • christopherfountain

      I blog because I love to write. I sell real estate because I like to eat. I should put the one closer to the other and one day I will, but ….

  9. Dear God. You poor agents put up with a MLS that shuts down on the weekends, when most of us are working the hardest? What is this, some bizarre blue law? Or is it too expensive for them to keep the hamsters running in the wheel to generate power for their computers outside of business hours?

    Oh, wait. Maybe they just told you that, so they can take a break from the Greenwich Gadfly?

  10. Sanjay Bigglesworth

    I was wondering if you knew who Ogilvy Real Estate employs to take pictures of their listings. Very, very nice work. Particularly with the lighting.

    • christopherfountain

      I believe David uses just one guy, whose identity he tries to keep secret. Gifted photographer, without question.

  11. kidding really?

    how about links to the mls? how about more details on new listings? how about running interviews with professionals in the biz or related biz like lending people, appraisers with insights into current market. I’d like that vs some of the other stuff you’re putting on the site.

    • christopherfountain

      I can’t link to the MLS – it’s forbidden. As to the other stuff, well, blogging is free and easy and there’s plenty of room for another blog 100% devoted to real estate – go for it.

  12. foobar

    I have suggested at least twice that CF find a way to separate the pure real estate posts, which I find useful and often incisive, from the rest, which I consider….well, whatever. But hey, he is spending all of his time on it, so to his his own!!

    • christopherfountain

      Thanks for recognizing that. Foobar. I do realize that the majority (all?) of my readers come here for real estate happenings but blogging is supposed to be fun and entertaining for the blogger as well as for the readers – there’s no pay here so if it’s not fun, why do it? And writing about nothing except real estate would bore me. so …
      Besides, as on commentator picked up, taxes, the economy, and even regulations to require CFLs and other global warming toys do affect real estate here in Greenwich. So there’s a broad pallet on which to work.

  13. foobar

    I meant to add as part of this weekend’s thoughts that (in my little old opinion) Sam Zell has called the bottom in the NYC residential market. He just bought around 1000 luxury rental condos from Macklowe. Food for thought. The man is a real estate genius.

  14. FanO'Fountain

    Yep, count me in for keeping the blog just as it is!

  15. Stanwich

    Zell may have sold once at the top of the market and be entertaining as hell to listen to, but he is far from a genius. If he was so smart he wouldn’t have bought Tribune as CF pointed out and EOP would have been admired for more than its size.

  16. foobar

    Stanwich agreed, I should have been more specific – he is a real estate genius!! He went long CRE in 1992, including in Stamford at less than $20 per foot when no one would touch it, sold it all to the lemmings as you know in 2007. He actually ‘only’ risked about #300 million of his money on the Trib, so while it is an embarrassment it is not significant next to the billions he took out of real estate. anyway, fwiw

  17. All the thanks goes to British Government who initiated and supported the rescue at the time of ultimate difficulty