BPA – the new Alar

One of the most useful chemicals around – bisphenol A, or BPA, is under siege. I’ve already lost access to water bottles made from it – as a hiker, I’m now expected to carry twice the weight in an aluminum water bottle, never mind the environmental consequences of bauxite mining – that happens put of sight, like those rare earths used for hybrid cars. More important, although less obvious, the stuff is used for lining tin cans, plasma bags and all sorts of everyday items. Without BPA, we’re going back to glass bottles and, probably, hemp-based food wrappers.

All of which would be fine, if there were any evidence that BPA was a hazard. There isn’t. The scare is being promulgated by the usual cast of suspects who make their living from this kind of nonsense. They release their scary PR releases, mainstream media picks it up and professional “concerned mothers” take it from there. Alar on apples, vaccines, swine flu, etcetera, are all part of a concerted campaign to make a living from fear-mongering. And it’s all so easy, I wonder why I never went into the field.


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4 responses to “BPA – the new Alar

  1. Resident

    Camelback is now making BPA free plactic bottles. No need to panic.

  2. Vaccinate your children so i don't need to

    I disagree for once. The anti-vaccine campaigners are not the scare mongerers. We are the individuals who resist being cultivated by the ruling authority, which state that if your child contracts Measles or Chickenpox, then the world will end.

    The pro-vaccine group are the scary people who spend their lives promoting a product which has huge potential for damage in the name of preventing mass pandemics.

    I’m happy for you all to vaccinate. Just don’t expect my children to get Chickenpox when all your vaccines have ‘worn’ off in ten years. We have had it. Noone died. We all itched but we took Piriton and Calamine lotion. Now we’re immune for life, not just for Christmas.

    Typhoid and Hep A etc. in the Amazon. That’s a different story. Vaccinate away.

    • christopherfountain

      just keep your kids away from mine – don’t bring them to school, to church to play grounds or any other public gathering spot, and I have no problem with you and your life style. I do have friends who are still crippled from polio though, so I’m sensitive about these things and if I discover your adorable little children dripping with polio and other infectious germs coming anywhere near my own grandchildren, I will beat them with a stick and drive them away. Fair enough?

  3. Vaccinate: you do understand that Chicken Pox is an infection for which there is no cure; if you send your kid to a “chicken pox” party to make sure that he gets infected, he will carry the virus around for life in his nervous system.

    Later in life, the virus can cause shingles, facial paralysis and hearing loss. Also, while infectious your child is a serious hazard to any fetus carried by a woman that he infects.