Breaking news from Year 001

Obama, Scott Brown related.


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8 responses to “Breaking news from Year 001

  1. Anonymous

    That’s best use of an iris yet.

    Yes, we are all relate.

    All of one race – the human race.

  2. The Duke of Deception

    Nice tits.

  3. The Duke of Deception

    Oh yeah, sorry.

    The Duke will have to wash his eyes out with soap.

  4. Anonymous

    Is that Jack Nicholson hiding behind the tree?

  5. Greenwich Gal

    I believe that is a bearded iris…

    • christopherfountain

      Ah, friends of mine with long memories of wild parties on Carey Road and post-midnight Mianus swimming parties will remember the “bearded clam”. Who was that girl?
      UPDATE: Aha, I remember! Betsy C.L.L, whose lessers spoke only to her, while she spoke only to God.