Frank Rich: Don’t you dare question a Democrat’s patriotism

But if it’s that panty-waist John McCain, who endured years of torture in Hanoi rather than leave before his comrades, well, that’s another matter. It’s hard to say which New York Times columnist is most execrable, but drama critic Frank Rich usually tops my list.


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5 responses to “Frank Rich: Don’t you dare question a Democrat’s patriotism

  1. Peg

    No matter how much I may disagree with John McCain on some issues (particularly that odius McCain-Feingold bill) – there is no doubt about who he is.

    John McCain is one of the few people high up in government who is a true hero.

    Frank Rich’s words about this American hero are too disgusting to line my parrots’ cage.

    • christopherfountain

      Oh, I don’t know, Peg. That’s a heck of a good looking parrot you have there, and I’d think he (or she) deserves the best target on which to deposit parrot doo. Frank Rich should serve that purpose admirably.

  2. Anonymous

    I agree, but Nobel Lariat Paul Krugman is right up there with him.

  3. whatever


    the dumocrats are always right…now stop

  4. Actually, the column was powerful. A good diversion by talking about McCain..wish Obama would be like FDR and take on Bush like FDR took on Hoover. And when the structural deficits are really Bush’s, why don’t people listen?? Obama alluded to that at the House GOP shindig, and the truth hurt. Now right wingers whine about Frank Rich taking on McCain…when they couldn’t stomach McCain??? A diversion………go listen to Glenn Beck awhile…
    So who is worse, W or Hoover?? No diversions please.