Greenwich market crawling back

Single family home contracts for January (all figures from the GMLS and do not include private sales)

2010: 21

2009: 9

2008: 27

2007: 40

2006: 38

2005: 43

2004: 51

The market began diving in the winter of 2007-2008  but that, of course was nothing compared to 2009. So we’re seeing some sales, and if prices are down – and they are – it doesn’t mean there’s no money around to buy homes. Buyers are just cautious, which seems wise.


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7 responses to “Greenwich market crawling back

  1. Curious

    2 questions…..

    1) Do you need to be a licensed realtor to get access to the Greenwich MLS website?

    2) Do private sales ultimately get disclosed?

    • christopherfountain

      Chad – yes and yes. As for the second, I’m pretty sure the private data site, (you have to pay to get into it, I believe) does include all sales in their statistics. And of course, they are recorded on the land records which are public and printed up, more or less accurately, by the local papers.

  2. Wondering....

    How many private sales are there in any given month, on average? Does it play a big role in overall sales?

    • christopherfountain

      Not really, Wondering. Very small percentage. Banks foreclosing oh homes, however, which used to be pretty much non-existent, may start becoming a factor – they aren’t included in our MLS statistics either.

  3. foobar

    do you have the figures from say 2000-2005? They may be a more relevant comparison to today than the overheated markets of 2006 and 2007

  4. kidding really!!

    Anyone who needs to sell and is not lowering price dramatically is a fool. Wall St bounced back last year but bonuses were weak to historical standards as well lots of people were paid in stock. How many people really think this year will be any better with higher taxes coming as well Govt regulation in everyone’s face. This market still sucks.

  5. whatever

    39.5% coming to theater near you…


    add nys tax and nyc tax and u r over 50% if i am not mistaken