Teri Buhl covers hedge fund real estate

(The Original Fake) Walt accuses me of having the hots for Ms. Buhl but since she and I have never met and, were we to do so she would run screaming from the room, I feel perfectly comfortable recommending her articles on hedge funds and the general business world, including this latest from Greenwich Time.


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4 responses to “Teri Buhl covers hedge fund real estate

  1. trader

    That’s a nice little scoop by the GT. This Buhl girl seems to have the inside line on hedge funds. Knight is a shady group and know to cut corners – I bet they pack the 33 Benedict Place office and then just sue planing and zoning. I hope p/z gives them a fight.

  2. Stanwich

    Yeah, besides the redo of their website, they seemed to have picked up talent in the Bull. Her reporting is….its actually reporting which is refreshing from the dog crap they’ve been peddling for a while now. Hopefully she is the first of a broader flight to quality at our local rag.

    CF, I think you need to interview. Give us the scoop on Greenwich Times’ new scooper.

  3. Cos Cobber

    Pack the building, sounds good to me. Nice to hear the space will be used. All those in the food biz on the ave will appreciate the boost.

    The local rag has really stepped it up all around. It’s a far more interesting paper the past two months. The reporters are asking better questions, the paper is generally more inquisitive.

    I’m glad they have pushed aside all those voices with nothing to say. Keep it up and now lets see if they can make the homepage of the paper a little more homey…greenwich-like.

  4. Shame on you

    Did you have to meet Hoops to have the hots for her? Does it only count when ‘they’ are ‘reachable’?
    I’m with Walt on this one. Watch out or watch this space! Why would she possibly run from the room screaming? You underestimate your charm.